What is the Star Sign of A. R. Rahman?

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What is the Star Sign of A. R. Rahman?

A. R. Rahman, born June 6, 1966, is a composer, musician, and philanthropist who is best known for his exquisite works of music in both Indian and international cinema. He is a proud native of Chennai, India, and given his birthday, Rahman is a Gemini. According to astrology, Geminis are those born between May 21 and June 21, and are symbolized by a pair of twins. Gemini are known for being highly intellectual, curious people who are intrigued by the world around them and seek to learn and explore its secrets. Rahman has certainly lived up to this description, having experienced great success in a variety of different fields.

Born in the same city he still resides in today, Allah Rakha Rahman is frankly quite a remarkable individual. His unique story of growing up with filmmaker parents and his early days as a self-taught musician captivates so many. At an extremely young age, Rahman was part of an array of musical wonders, playing several instruments, including the guitar, keyboard, and synthesizer. At the age of 11, he composed his first jingle for a local Chennai business, and then sought to learn from the world-famous musician, Ilaiyaraaja. After watching some of Indian cinema’s most successful films, Rahman was inspired to compose music himself and so he did, with honorary music director, Mani Ratnam. The rest, as they say, is history.

The accolades Rahman has achieved since are tantamount to his capabilities as both a composer and philanthropist. Although Gemini’s are often described as being flighty and unconsidered, this is certainly not the case with Rahman, whose work is incredibly meticulous and calculated. In 1992, he composed his first songs for Ratnam’s film, Roja, which earned him the prestigious National Award for ‘Best Music Direction’. His sister, Reihana, is, in fact, the first female singer to win the same award, as well as a handful of other recognitions. On the international stage, Rahman won the prestigious Grammy Award for ‘Best Song Written for a Motion Picture’, for his work in Slumdog Millionaire, simultaneously making him the first Indian to ever win a Grammy Award. His work further earned him an Oscar for ‘Best Original Score’.

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Rahman’s success is certainly attributed to his adventurous, curious nature, and expansive ability to learn new instruments and delve into various genres of music. As a Gemini, his inquisitive attitude has undoubtedly made it possible for him to be so successful in such a variety of settings. With over 200 original soundtracks over the course of his career, it’s no doubt that Rahman’s power of exploration and wisdom have helped him achieve the level of success he has today. His perseverance and willingness to wander off the beaten path are qualities of any Gemini.

To this day, Rahman continues to create wondrous works of art, that are celebrated time and time again. His legacy as a composer, philanthropist, and idol will remain forever timeless, largely attributed to his deep exploration and ambition. Although Rahman’s history is closely tied to his astrological symbol, it’s clear his achievements have mostly been attributed to his own hard work and dedication to consistently exploring the unknown. With his Gemini spirit, there’s no telling what Rahman can do next.

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