What is Albert Speer’s Zodiac Sign?

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What is Albert Speer’s Zodiac Sign?

Albert Speer was born on March 19th in 1905, making him a Pisces. People born under this sign are said to have an empathetic and compassionate, yet dreamy, nature. Pisces are often highly creative, and display an inclination towards abstract thought and the use of their imagination. As a Pisces, Speer had the traits of determined ambition, great adaptability to his environment, and a great intuition and sensitivity.

Albert Speer hails from Germany and was born in the Mannerheim palace in Heidelberg. Growing up in a wealthy family, he was surrounded by privilege and luxury. Growing up in a highly cultured atmosphere, Speer was exposed to many famous impressionistic and expressionistic works of art that guided and inspired him, and piqued his incredible artistic abilities. With a mature and educated taste, Speer decided to pursue architecture as a career in his adulthood.

In relation to his Pisces sun sign, Albert Speer used his ambitions to overcome hardships and build a successful career path for himself. His astrological sign gave him a natural gift to be creative in both his everyday life and profession. His determined ambition allowed him to think logically and wide-mindedly to come up with innovative designs and solutions. With this balance between creativity and logic, Speer was uniquely capable of achieving great success as an architect.

One of Speer’s most notable achievements was being appointed as the minister of armament and war production during WWII. He was also an active member of the Nazi party and was highly influential in the war effort throughout the duration of the conflict. His astrological sign gave him the ability to remain composed in difficult situations and think logically in making decisions. Despite the progressive and evil nature of the Nazi party, Speer applied his intuition and creativity to strive for success through this difficult environment.

Finally, Albert Speer was convicted of war crimes during the Nuremburg trails following WWII. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison and was released in 1966. His intuitive and creative Pisces sun sign gave him the ability to take risks and overcome hardships. His stubborn idealism and ambition allowed him to make progress despite the power of the Nazi party. To this day, Speer is known as one of the most well known German architects and his imaginative designs are still recognized throughout Europe.

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