What Is Aldous Huxley’s Zodiac Sign?

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What Is Aldous Huxley’s Zodiac Sign?

Aldous Huxley was born on 26 July 1894 under the sign of the zodiac Leo. This sign falls under the element of Fire and is known for its passion and creativity. People born under the sign of Leo are confident and ambitious, typically making them naturally stand out in a crowd. They often also possess a great need for attention, and Huxley certainly fit this description.

Born in Godalming, Surrey, Huxley was the third son of the prominent biologist Leonard Huxley and Julia Arnold, an educator and prominent suffragette. This background made it obvious to Huxley from a young age that he was destined for greatness. He was educated at Eton and later studied literature at Balliol College in Oxford.

His time at Oxford under the tutelage of noted philosopher and essayist Logan Pearsall Smith had a profound effect on Huxley’s outlook and sparked his imaginative intellect. The university’s emphasis on Enlightenment thought and Romanticism was just the fuel to Huxley’s fire and a reflection of his ambitious and visionary sign – Leo. He soon showed an aptitude for literature by contributing to several genius Era-based undergraduate literary publications.

Huxley’s writing career began early; his first poem was published in 1917, and he wrote both fiction and nonfiction throughout his lifetime becoming widely known for his “social novels” such as Crome Yellow, Point Counter Point, Brave New World and his debut novel, Those Barren Leaves. He was most noted for his satire, as his novels often explored politics and economic turmoil as a means of social commentary. Astrologically, Huxley’s sign, Leo, is often associated with humanitarian souls which could certainly explain his penchant for activism and political/social writing.

As a relatively indecisive person, Huxley applied his creative problem- solving skills to explore different interests that sparked his passion. He wrote scientific papers as well as commissioned material for US publishers such as Vogue, Vanity Fair and the Saturday Evening Post. He was also a prolific essayist and even wrote an introduction to an anthology of plays by Shakespeare that was published in 1937.

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In hindsight, Huxley was one of the more creative minds of his generation. His innovative way of thinking and his penchant for wandering off the beaten path were both marked career traits that were undoubtedly heavily influenced by his zodiac sign, Leo. This sign represents the most confident and ambitious individuals, and it’s easy to see how Huxley carried out his life in very much the same way. He was incredibly versatile, incessantly creative, and eternally curious. It is no wonder that he has left such a large mark on history, especially in the field of literature.

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