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What is the Star Sign of Alexander Calder?

Alexander Calder, born July 22nd, 1898, is an American sculptor and artist associated with the Flux Movement and later in life a pioneer in the field of kinetic art. His zodiac sign is Cancer, one of the water signs, associated with intelligence, intuition, and imagination.

For Cancers, art is often an outlet. Intuitive to the surroundings and their feelings, they rely on their creativity and their emotions to express themselves. This is certainly true in the case of Alexander Calder. Raised in Pennsylvania and beginning as a mechanical engineer in New York City, Calder traveled extensively and gained experience in various locations throughout the United States and Europe. From the influence of a tony sculptural background in Paris to experimentation with kinetics in Mexico, the development of his artistic identity was deeply rooted in the many cultural experiences he had on his travels.

As a Cancer, Calder was passionate, highly sensitive, and highly creative. His passion for art was visible from early on, when he designed toy “animals” out of wire and wood for the children he encountered. It was during this time that he developed his signature wire figures and sculptures, an integral part of his eventual body of work that put Calder firmly on the map of the art world once he returned to Paris in 1926. With a large selection of interesting colors and shapes, his works brought movement into an otherwise static medium, and a great deal of his fame and recognition drew from this revolutionizing of the traditional design process.

Alexander Calder was also the founder of the modern mobile, an important tool he used in his kinetic sculptures that maneuvered and shifted elegantly in response to the force of air currents. His notion of turning the drawings and paintings of traditional sculpture into a kinetic meditation was highly influential, inspiring generations of artists and viewers alike to look at art differently. As a Cancer, Calder had the sensitivity and responsiveness to experiment with his craft experimentally and trust his instincts in the process.

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Furthermore, Calder utilized his intuitive powers as dictated by his zodiac sign to connect to the greater community around him. His sculptures, mobiles, and public art were often used as a statement of a higher meaning- a political statement or representation of something beyond worldly constraints- more of an emotional connection than a physical one.

A gifted artist, Alexander Calder’s expressive creativity and his ability to think outside the box enabled him to contribute significantly to the ranks of modern art, and to this day his ambition and sensitivity as a Cancer provide an inspiration to viewers all over the world. While it is difficult to pinpoint precisely why a certain person exhibits particular characteristics as determined by their zodiac sign, in the case of Calder, we can be sure that the alignment of his zodiac sign Cancer – with its creative passion, emotional favoritism, and magnetic draw – allowed Calder to explore the artistic world through a fluid and instinctive perspective.

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