In What Astrological Sign was Allen Ginsberg Born?

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In What Astrological Sign was Allen Ginsberg Born?

Allen Ginsberg was born on June 3rd 1917, making him a Gemini. Geminis are ruled by the planet Mercury, making them highly intelligent, communicative, and adaptable in life. Born in Newark, New Jersey, Allen was known for being a very eloquent and bright child, and he was instantly exposed to a lot of different cultures due to his parents’ Jewish roots. His playfulness and natural tendency to utilize conversational skills also seemed to be instilled within him at a very early age.

The creativity he was naturally blessed with greatly influenced him and pushed him further into the realms of art and literature. This was especially true in terms of inspiring his poetry, which showcased his wit, sarcasm, and wisdom in distinguishing between the grey areas of our society. He often found himself rebelling the law and customs that he believed were unfair; this is something characteristically central to his visionary identity, and it’s something that was reflected in his works which ranged from politics to LGBT rights.

The traditional western astrology itself is actually embedded in his spirituality; the way he proudly associated himself with the past grand poets like Dante and Blake, and the way his visionary literature talked about astrology, religion and politics, it’s evident that astrology played a huge role in Ginsberg’s psyche. This is largely because the Gemini sign explicity enforces upon itself the ideas of transformation and exploration, making the person almost curiously imaginative and eager to learn and understand. And once you link this idea to his work-in-progress it easily informs the audiences of background context, and shows us how intense and progressive his efforts had been in the long run, and what a talented Gemini personality Allen Ginsberg was.

His major achievements include his pioneering work in the Beat Generation movement along with Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs. He also wrote a launching book Howl and Other Poems, which became an instant success even among his most fierce opponents. His longest work, Kaddish and Other Poems, was never finished and was eventually dedicated to his mother. Despite his clashes with politics and censorship, Ginsberg proved to be an influential artist until his death in 1997, as he managed to spread his powerful and touching messages to the world thanks to the characteristically curious, witty, and progressive nature of the Gemini’s astrological sign that Allen himself was born under.

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