What is Angela Lansbury’s Zodiac sign?

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What is Angela Lansbury’s Zodiac sign?

Angela Lansbury was born on October 16 in the year 1925, making her birth date corresponding to the zodiac sign of Libra. Libra is air-influenced and is represented by the symbol of the scales, appropriate given Libras’ need for harmony and balance. Angela Lansbury embodies Libra’s qualities of charm, intelligence and thoughtfulness, all of which have been instrumental in her success.

Born in the Regents Park area of London, England, Angela Lansbury was surrounded by culture and theatre from a young age. As a young girl, Angela nurtured an appreciation of the arts, confiding in people close to her that she wanted to be an actress. Despite suffering a major setback in 1940, the loss of almost her entire family in World War II, Angela pressed on with her dream to become an actress and made her way to the United States of America where she was eventually cast in several plays, television shows and feature films.

The love of theatre that she developed at a young age, ignited by frequent visits to the West End theatre district of London, has been a central cog in her success. While making her name in America, she found a place where she could marry her two passions, theatre and astrology. She openly acknowledged and adhered to the horoscopes that predicted western theatre performance’s openings and closings. Likewise, Lansbury found much practical use of astrology in her personal endeavors, attributing much of her success and growth to the sign of Libra. This need to be balanced emotionally, intellectually and artistically helped her achieve a variety of successes that saw her earn awards for acting, producing and writing.

The ability of a Libra such as Lansbury to be able to think quickly and effectively, communicate clearly and relate to others, makes them an excellent negotiator. Lansbury used these useful attributes to smoothly interact with all the various crews and casts of the shows she worked on, leading to some of her biggest successes. The Tony award winning show Mame(1966) and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (1979) were two of her notable and most lauded plays, in which her ability to think rationally and quickly in order to make the best decisions for her production was paramount.

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The ability of a Libra to stay objective and remain level-headed was also instrumental in her successful relationship with her husband, Peter Shaw whom she married in 1949 until his death in 2003. The couple stayed together for over fifty years, being a source of inspiration to many, and being an example of the Libra’s ability to maintain balance and harmony, even in the toughest of life’s experiences.

Lansbury’s Libra traits have molded her into the successful woman she is today, and her greatest achievements have been a reflection of her balanced behavior and her love of all that the theatre has to offer. Her humble beginnings, fuelled by her Libra traits, have led her to become one of the most respected and iconic women in history, and she has certainly proven the power that comes with staying true to one’s astrological sign.

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