What is Anjelica Huston’s Zodiac Sign?

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What is Anjelica Huston’s Zodiac Sign?

Anjelica Huston was born on July 8th, 1951 and her zodiac sign is Cancer. Cancers are represented as ‘The Crab’, symbolizing their need for security and layer of armor to protect themselves from risk and emotional upset. They are nurturing and generous with their time, their values being family-oriented; always offering a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear.

Anjelica grew up in a warm household in Santa Monica, California, as the daughter of famed director John Huston. With a heritage like this, it comes as no surprise Anjelica took to the arts as a teenager, studying drama and acting. Anjelica’s heritage, combined with her sign’s need for emotional and artistic expression, is perhaps a chief contributor to her generally successful 30-plus year career in Hollywood.

Anjelica has crossed multiple genres, from drama to comedy to crime-thriller. Her signature roles include ‘The Witches’ and ‘The Addams Family’, though for her most critically acclaimed roles she has nominates for the Academy Award. These included 1985’s ‘Prizzi’s Honor’ and 1992’s ‘The Grifters’. Both fit perfect to her Cancerian sensibilities, drama- and crime-driven stories with characters who flee to security when faced with risk.

Cancers are hyper-emotional and reflective, and Anjelica has certainly applied these characteristics to her performances—evident in the power, poignancy and rawness that has earned her so much praise. Anjelica has described her awards as “an affirmation of [her] feelings”; in Cancerian understanding, this is the principle of ‘feeling your way through life’, a cant that epitomizes life as a Cancerian and provides an insight into why she received such recognition.

Anjelica Huston has proven to be an extraordinary force in Hollywood, a brilliant artist and a traditionalist of family values. Her experiences growing up in one of Hollywood’s legendary household, coupled with her strong Cancerian values, have certainly contributed to her success and emotional depth as an actor.

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