What is the Zodiac Sign for Anne of Cleves?

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What is the Zodiac Sign for Anne of Cleves?

Anne of Cleves was born on 22 September 1515 and her zodiac sign is Virgo. Virgos are highly detail-oriented and efficient individuals, which definitely describe Anne. In fact, Anne of Cleves was one of the most successful Queens of England in Tudor history and her astrological sign definitely helped her in achieving her accomplishments.

Growing up, Anne of Cleves was born in Dusseldorf, Germany, to John III, Duke of Cleves, and Maria of Jülich-Berg. Her father was described as a highly intelligent man and Anne had the privilege to be tutored by some of the best scholars in the area. By the time she reached age 5, Anne was already familiar with Latin, and highly educated. Her father then sent her to Marburg University where she developed a strong interest in literature, theology, rhetoric, history and philosophy. It is believed that Anne developed a deep understanding for the world around her, and even ordered the construction of a library in her mother’s castle, which was a big source of inspiration for her.

Anne of Cleves was incredibly ambitious and driven, which is a typical trait of a Virgo. Her Virgo energy was greatly amplified by her hunger for knowledge, and her ambition to try and make a difference in the world. After King Henry VIII of England married Anne’s older sister in 1539, Anna was chosen as the fourth wife to Henry VIII. During their marriage, Anne quickly proved to be the ideal woman for him, fulfilling the standards of a perfect Queen. She was loyal, obedient, and confident enough to stand for her convictions. In addition to her strengthening England’s diplomatic ties, she also opened the Royal Exchange in London, which is still open today.

Anne of Cleves’ confidence was also affirmed by her Virgo energy, as Virgos are known for being reliable people, eager to help wherever they can. Once her marriage to Henry VIII fell apart, Anne became known as the King’s ‘Beloved Sister’. She used this opportunity to truly embrace her Virgo energy and plunged head first into philanthropy and charity work. According to many chroniclers, Anne was a popular public figure an an incredibly generous humanitarian.

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Anne of Cleves was a great example of how the ambition of a Virgo can be properly harnessed for the good of others. Not only did she have the intelligence to better her own life, but she was also generous enough to use her success as a means to benefit her community. Her ambition, efficiency and strategic thinking were undoubtedly fueled by her zodiac sign. Her great achievements in history are a testament to the power of astrology and its effects on a person’s well being.

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