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What is Aristotle Onassis’s Zodiac Sign?

Aristotle Onassis, born January 20th, 1906, was born under the sign of Aquarius. Known for being innovative and independent, Aquarian natives are usually progressive thinkers, which no doubt helped Onassis achieve all that he did. Those born under this sign are often referred to as ‘the Water Bearer’ and may have a tendency to go against the grain, to speak out, to come up with out with new ideas, and to stand up for the other members of the community.

Aristotle Onassis was born into a wealthy Greek family in Smyrna in what is now modern-day Turkey, and it is likely his Aquarian spirit that enabled him to travel to Buenos Aires when he was just 18. By the age of 21, he had become an advisor to the Argentine Military Junta. The independent spirit associated with Aquarius likely helped Onassis believe in himself even from such a young age and venture out of his home country alone.

Onassis always had a passion for the sea; he even attempted to join the merchant navy before ultimately deciding to enter the business of shipping. This pursuit led him to purchase the first of what would become the largest private shipping fleet of its time, the Aristotle Onassis Company. The innovative spirit of Aquarius manifested itself as the company even bought its very own oil tanker, transforming the outlook of the shipping industry. Onassis’s findings also helped reduce wages and lending costs in this industry.

Onassis was known for his ambition and ambition combined with his Aquarius sign proved to be successful throughout his lifetime. It is this same ambition combined with innovation that enabled Onassis to create what would become the largest private business merger in history. He took the Greek oil company, Helios, and merged it with the French compagny, Societe Generale de Transports Maritimes, in 1959. Together, they formed the largest supertanker, er, the “Hellenic Eclipse”. This luxurious tanker was of such a size it required an entire weekly cargo to fuel its travels. Part of the success of the merger was due to Onassis’s own competitive and business spirit that Aquarius is also known for.

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However, most people also remember Onassis for his personal life, in particular his tumultuous marriage to Jackie Kennedy. It is this combination of Aquarius’s independent spirit and their tendency to push against societal standards that likely gave Onassis the courage and passion to pursue someone of her stature. A public relationship of such nature was unheard of at that time, and Onassis’s free-thinking mentality and insatiable curiosity likely pushed him to take risks within his personal life.

Aristotle Onassis was a man true to the spirit of his “. Aquarian natives are known for their independent nature, innovative thinking, and competitive attitude, characteristics which OnassisHT, drive to succeed, and ambition displayed throughout his lifetime. Onassis’s astrological sign was a perfect reflection of the Greek entrepreneur.

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