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What is Augustus’s Zodiac Sign?

Augustus was born on September 23, and his zodiac sign is Libra. Libra is an air sign represented by a symbol of a scale, signifying balance and harmony within a person’s life. Those born under this sign strive to find balance in all aspects of their lives, making peace an important goal and often looking for it in all realms of their lives. Augustus shared these characteristics, though it was in the backdrop of a tumultuous life, due to events surrounding his ascension to the throne of Rome.

Augustus was born in Rome, the great capital of the Roman Empire. His father Gaius Octavius was a Roman senator, and had helped Julius Caesar to rise to power. By the time Octavius had become a powerful figure in the Roman Senate, Julius Caesar had been assassinated and had named Octavius as his adopted son, heir, and successor. This meant that Augustus was now in direct line for the throne of Rome, starting his life with great expectations.

With the death of Julius Caesar, Rome descended into civil war. Augustus tried to bring peace to the Empire, but instead found himself and his family embroiled in political infighting and unrest. Knowledge and strength in both war and peace were needed to keep his Empire from crumbling. Augustus proved himself a capable leader, and he gradually outshone his rivals and rose to the top.

Throughout the battles and strife to maintain peace, Augustus used his Libran tendency for balance and harmony. He was known to value diplomacy and understanding, wanting to understand his opponents and their reasoning. He tried to reach compromise with other countries and nations in order to arrive at a mutual agreement. As a result, Augustus established peaceful trade relations with other countries from all over Europe, which helped to further extend the influence of Rome across the continent.

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One of Augustus’ greatest achievements was the building of the Pax Romana. He saw this as an opportunity to create a period of peace and prosperity, uniting the Roman Empire that had been so divided during the civil wars. He put an end to infighting and bloodshed, and established laws that created a prosperous and stable society that was maintained through consensus. This concept of balance and harmony to create peace was very reflective of Augustus’ Libran nature.

Augustus was an incredible ruler, credited with bringing many victories, peace, and stability to an Empire that had suffered turmoil for many years. He used the most advantageous aspects of the Libran sign to his advantage, and managed to balance the warring factions within the Roman Empire and create an era of prosperity. Augustus was a living embodiment of the zodiac sign Libra, and his strength, courage, and will to bring peace and balance were his greatest attributes, allowing him to become one of the most renowned and beloved rulers of Rome.

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