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What Star Sign is Ayn Rand?

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Ayn Rand was born on February 2, 1905, making her an icy Aquarius. Aquarius is an air sign ruled by the planet Uranus, known for its independent spirit and sense of purpose. Aquarians are strong-willed, independent, and highly motivated, all fitting characteristics for the controversial novelist and philosopher.

Ayn Rand was born in St. Petersburg, Russia under Tsarist rule. She was a passionate debater from a young age and often defended her personal convictions, which were heavily influenced by her exposure to the works of Friedrich Nietzsche, Victor Hugo, and of course, her beloved Russian novelists.

Rand first achieved success in Russia as a playwright of social and political dramas, but it was her novels and essays that made her a legend. Rand moved to the United States in 1926 where she began to write her first novel We the Living, based on her experience of living in Soviet Russia. It was published in 1936 and earned Rand some notoriety in the literary world. Rand’s next big success was her second novel, The Fountainhead—a novel that would ultimately shape her philosophical system of Objectivism.

With her newfound fame came the success of her third novel, Atlas Shrugged—a masterpiece that took Rand a decade to complete. She released it in 1957 and gained widespread admiration. According to Rand, Atlas Shrugged is “a hymn to man’s ego.” In it, Rand’s story of a man who stands strong against all odds echoes the innate stubbornness of Aquarius. Its themes of self-determination, freedom, and the pursuit of personal success resonated deeply with readers of the time.

Continuing in her philosophy of Objectivism, Rand organized a small lecture series in the 1940s to promote her beliefs among the American public. This series served to shape her ideology and influence many of her later works in philosophy. After that, Rand published a series of nonfiction works, The Virtue of Selfishness and Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, contributing to a large body of Objectivist literature.

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Fitting to her Aquarian sign, Rand’s life was marked by a passionate search for her principles and motivations. She knew of her goals early in life and was unwavering in her pursuit of them. Rand was an iconoclastic thinker who pushed the boundaries of convention, and her Aquarian strength of character allowed her to do it without compromise. Catapulted largely by the success of her novels, Rand’s philosophical work has helped shape the libertarian movement of today, as her values continue to influence individuals and organizations around the world.

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