What is Belinda Carlisle’s Zodiac Sign?

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What is Belinda Carlisle’s Zodiac Sign?

Belinda Carlisle, best known as the lead singer of the all-girl band The Go-Go’s, was born on August 17th, 1958. She is a Leo, a passionate sign often known for their confidence and courage, as well as their sense of fun and optimism. These traits have certainly been evident in Belinda’s life as she has pursued her passions for music and performing and achieved great success.

Belinda was born and raised in Hollywood, California. This period marked the beginning of her love for music and performing. Her older sister, Ana, who already had a taste of fame as an actress on television, introduced Belinda to music. Belinda’s early experiences with music set up a strong foundation for her own career, as she went on to become an incredibly successful artist. Being a passionate Leo, she was naturally drawn to the kind of music that allowed her to be herself, the most prominent being punk and new wave, as well as pop music. Her passion for music propelled her forward and just four years after first forming, the Go-Go’s released their debut album, which went number one on the US charts.

This eyewitness success proved to be short-lived, however, and the band broke up in 1985 after their third album failed to chart as well as their debut. Many Leos may have cast aside this type of failure, instead focusing on their success and achievements to date, but Belinda isn’t your typical Leo. Instead of giving up, she was determined to succeed on her own and influence a new generation of female musicians.

In 1987 she released her first solo record, Belinda, which went to number three on the US charts and sold over two million copies worldwide. Her next solo release, Heaven on Earth, was an even bigger success and featured some iconic music videos such as “Heaven is A Place on Earth” and “I Get Weak”. Her music resonated with many female musicians of the time, helping to lay the groundwork of future girl power movements.

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Belinda’s time in the spotlight has displayed her brave, confident and passionate Leo traits, never shying away from a challenge. As a Leo, Belinda has proven that despite failure, it is still possible to keep pushing forward with ambition and enthusiasm. She has achieved great success as a solo artist and will forever be remembered as the passionate, courageous and ambitious lead singer of the all-girl band The Go-Go’s. Belinda Carlisle is testament to the potential of the Leo zodiac sign and its positive influence on our lives.

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