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What is the Star Sign of Benny Benassi?


Benny Benassi, born in Milan, Italy on July 13th, 1967, is a Virgo. As a Virgo, he is an intellectual by nature and has a knack for analyzing and investigating all that is around him. His severly analytical attitude when it comes to deciphering the world around him likely serves him well as one of the most innovative and inspiring electronic music producers and DJs of the 21st century.

Born and raised in Milan, Benny has a deep admiration for technology, as well as for the power of music and entertainment. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Benny studied computer science and engineering, while at the same time developing his passion for creating music with new computerized equipment.

As a Virgo, Benny is driven by the desire to do and create the best within his field. He has a strong eye for detail and definition, which can be seen in his music, and was evidenced early on when he focused many of his studies on computers to try and create the best beats and melodies he could.

Benny has since earned multiple awards and accolades for his work, due to his diligence in tirelessly perfecting the sound he was searching for. He opened his first studio in 1993, and in addition to summering on some of the world’s most renowned dance music festivals like Sensation and Ultra, Benny has won two MTV Music Awards for Best Electronic Artist in 2006.

The Virgo trait of postulating and questioning everything around them is also evident in Benny’s music. Even though he specializes in creating high energy and club bangers, there are often great depths of meaning and questions beneath them that reflect his intellectual curiosity.

Benny’s Virgo mannerisms also show up in his everyday life, as time-management is a forte of his and he seems to never overlook a single detail. His hard-working sense of direction and results-driven attitude also reflect his astrological sign.

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To this day, Benny is still exploring and innovating within the world of music, speaking volumes towards his Virgo ingenuity. His internal drive along with his highly detailed approach to creating music has enabled him to take part in some of the greatest music moments ever. His Virgo ambition and disciplined nature has led to collaborations with some of the biggest names in music, and the release of some of the biggest dance tracks of all-time.

Overall, Benny Benassi’s Virgo sign best represents the artist, both in his music and daily life. His multidisciplinary and analytical attitude, as well as his penchant for perfection, have enabled him to make a lasting impact in the dance music world, and likely beyond.

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