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In What Astrological Sign was Bette Davis Born?

Bette Davis was born April 5, 1908 and is an Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. Astrology associates Aries with energy, determination, confidence and resilience. This is especially fitting given Bette Davis’ illustrious career-spanning over 50 years in the film industry.

Firstly, Bette Davis was born in Lowell, Massachusetts to Harlow Morrell Davis and Ruth Faulk Davis. The young Davis was always admired for her striking looks and passionate approach to acting. Her family moved to New England when she was eight and it was here that Davis nailed her first two acting roles in the school productions. From then on she decided that she wanted to become an actress.

At age 17, Davis left home and moved to New York City, to chase her dream of becoming a professional actress. She risked it all and within a few years, Davis had already caught the attention of Hollywood producers. With her determination and ambition, she quickly rose to stardom, thanks to her memorable roles in films such as Of Human Bondage, Dark Victory, Jezebel, Now, Voyager, Mr. Skeffington, All About Eve and Many Others.

Davis’ firey Arian energy, ambition and ability to handle rejection, no doubt played a major role in her success. Her determination to become an actress, even when friends and family discouraged her, was also a characteristic of the Arian spirit. As an Aries, she managed to take up roles which were considered “un-leadable”, and accomplished what many thought was impossible. She was fiercely independent and had no qualms about calling out the big studios who refused to award her the recognition she deserved.

In addition to her acting career, Davis was also renowned for her philanthropic activities. She worked with numerous charities, and was an ardent supporter of the civil rights movement throughout her life. Her resilient and determined Arian spirit was crucial in helping Davis take up the fight for social justice and in pushing for progress in her industry.

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By the end of her career, Bette Davis was one of the most successful and highly regarded actresses in the world. A full 50 years after her big-screen debut she was awarded two Oscars, which cemented her place in the history books and in the hearts of movie lovers the world over.

Her Arian influence was seen in every one of her roles and her life, proving that Aries truly are determined, strong-willed and ambitious people who can overcome any obstacles in their way. If anything, Bette Davis’ story is a glowing example of how the Arian spirit can lead to success, no matter what life throws at us.

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