What is the Star Sign of Billy Idol?

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What is the Star Sign of Billy Idol?

Billy Idol was born October 30th, 1955, making him an intense and dedicated Scorpio. Scorpios, represented by the Scorpion, are known for their deep and passionate personalities. Everything a Scorpio does is with purpose, as they are driven and ambitious, ready to take risks to achieve their goals. Those who know a Scorpio won’t be taken by surprise when they see them thrive, especially as Scorpios tend to surprise everyone with the magnitude of their success.

Billy Idol was a perfect example of a Scorpio thriving and pushing boundaries with his success. Born to a British family in Stanmore, Middlesex, United Kingdom, Billy Idol found an early inspiration in music. Idol began playing as a roadie for the local band Sex Pistols and quickly moved on to performing in Ronnie Tutt’s band alongside future rock legend Steve Stevens.

The punk/rock culture of the early 1970s was like a revolution of a new sound that allowed the youthful rebelliousness of Idol to thrive. Having the rebellious nature of a Scorpio combined with punk/rock truly allowed Idol to unleash the depths of his intensity and creativity, something that Scorpios often crave. Idol quickly became a symbol of the rebellious sound, and after a brief North American Tour that had people talking about Idol’s “pop metal frenzy”, Idol soon released his first solo album in 1981.

The success from the album led Idol to fall in line with his ambitious and passionate desires, and he continued to find immense success from his releases in whipcrack release of Rebel Yell in 1983 up to his most recent album Kings & Queens of the Underground in 2014. Idol’s music has been known to have incredibly influential impact on the generation when it was released, especially due to the rebellious nature of his music and performance. The iconic performances and ambition of Idol really embodied the Scorpio’s desire for intensity and placement in the spotlight.

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Overall, Billy Idol has achieved a great amount of success spread throughout the many devoted years of performing and releasing music, something that may not have been achievable if it wasn’t for the intensity and ambition of a Scorpio. Idol’s demanding nature, fueled from his Scorpio traits, allowed him to push boundaries and make a name for himself, leading to a thirteen Grammy nominations and over 40 million record sales throughout his career. Idol’s success is a prime example of a Scorpio making use of everything the sign has to offer; a passionate and driven personality mixed with the rebellious and revolutionary sound of punk/rock. In Billy Idol’s particular case, being a Scorpio is truly what made his life and success extraordinary.

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