What Astrological Sign Was Bob Sinclar Born Under?

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What Astrological Sign Was Bob Sinclar Born Under?

Bob Sinclar, born on May 10th, 1974, is a Gemini – the sign of the Twins. Geminis are independent and enjoy exploring and learning, and are highly communicative. People born under the sign of the Twins are seen as intelligent and witty, and are often described as being versatile. Bob Sinclar certainly lives up to the qualities of a Gemini.

Known as the master of French-style house music, Bob Sinclar was born in the coastal town of Douala, Cameroon. His dad was a Doctor and his mum was a French teacher. Bob’s family moved to France early on in his life, and he quickly identified as French, and started focusing more on music. Even before getting into house music, Bob was passionate about reggae, jazz, funk, and disco. All of these genres were influential to the music he would later turn out.

As a teenager Bob moved to Paris, where he eventually began a full-time career in music. He discovered DJ-ing at a young age and soon started producing house music for DJs around the city. Bob also had success with underground French hip hop, which was made during the early ’90s, Producing tracks for artists such as MC Solaar and NTM.

From the early 2000s Bob Sinclar had begun to surge in popularity, and by 2006 he was a superstar. That year he had a number one single in France with the track “Love Generation,” and followed up this success with a world tour.

Bob received the MTV Europe Music Awards for Best French Artist in 2011, and was voted “Artist of the Year” by MTV Dance. In 2015, Bob was placed by DJ Mag in the list of Top 100 DJs for the fourth time. These achievements are impressive, and could be expected from someone with Sinnlar’s Gemini tendencies. Geminis are known for seeing a situation from different viewpoints, and for Bob this helps him broaden his horizons in music. Geminis also have an aptitude for languages – which is something that Bob certainly exhibits. In his music, he has incorporated various languages, from Spanish to French and English.

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Bob Sinclar has achieved incredible successes, and his intellectual, ambitious and independent spirit resembles that of a Gemini. Bob’s love for exploration and learning have seen him travel the world, building huge fan bases in the process. His ability to connect with people is what makes him so popular. His Gemini nature allows him to parallel his innate creativity with a strong awareness of technology, which often gives Bob’s musical production a unique sound – making him that much more of an iconic producer.

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