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What Star Sign is Brian May?

Brian May is a legendary musician, songwriter, record producer and astrophysicist who was born on July 19th, 1947, making him a Cancer.

Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign and is the fourth sign of the zodiac. Those born under this sign are naturally: sensitive, protective, caring, loyal and nurturing. They have an innate emotional intelligence that guides them and they are often highly intuitive. They can also be quite intense and passionate in their approach to life, often possessing an enduring ambition and a strong sense of self-worth. Cancer is ruled by the moon, symbolizing the cyclical and ever-changing nature of life. This sign is associated with the element of water, invoking both emotionalism and depth. This is highlighted by the constant search for connection, family, and community – three of the defining Cancer traits.

Brian May was born the youngest of four children in Hampton and grew up in a family of strong musical influences. In school, he was academically minded, talented in science, and developed an early passion for music. He formed his first band at the age of twelve and it was here that he developed his interest in guitar, which lasted throughout his life.

Brian’s natural talent and ambition led him to study at Imperial College London where he obtained a PhD in astrophysics. Following this, he founded the band Queen along with Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor, and found success that only amplified throughout the years. Brian is often considered one of the greatest and most influential guitarists of all time, inspiring millions around the world.

It is clear to see how Cancer’s strong qualities have driven Brian May throughout his life. Known to be a dedicated and hardworking individual, Brian was able to continue his studies and still reach for his dreams, something which Cancers consistently strive to do. This sign often has an insatiable appetite for learning and knowledge, no matter how challenging the accompanying responsibilities may be. Brian’s tireless attitude and emotional intelligence enabled him to learn new instruments while still pursuing his career as a musician and scientist. He has also embraced his path of caring for the natural world, a trait which Cancer values above all else.

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Brian’s work with Queen is still celebrated today and traces back to the underlying values that define him as a Cancer. His profound awareness and sensitivity to the world can be seen in his lyrics and his unshakable loyalty to his fans and his band. His strong emotional connection to music represents the deep and enduring nature of the Cancer sign, conveying a message of stability, family and community.

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