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What is the Star Sign of Buffalo Bill?

William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” Cody was born on February 26, 1846 in Le Claire, Iowa. That makes him an astrological Pisces. People born under the sign of Pisces are typically kind-hearted, romantic, gentle, and creative individuals. They’re often dreamers, and their creativity and imagination help them put their ideas into reality. Cody was no exception. Though born into a farming family, Cody was able to create and manifest his vision of an expansive, successful, and exciting life for himself.

As a Piscean, Cody yearned for a larger, more fulfilling life than the one his family had. To fulfill that growing passion he had within him, he moved West to Kansas and became a buffalo hunter, also earning his name “Buffalo Bill.” These adventures brought him into places and experiences that only a Piscean could have dreamed. This creative sign fit the colorful persona of Buffalo Bill, who enjoyed theatrical performances and wrote about his own life for the world to read. Achieving something so great was due in part to his great imagination, his ability to put himself in the mind-sets of other people, and his ability to make his dream become a reality – all traits of the Piscean sign.

Cody’s later years found him becoming an entrepreneur, founding the town of Cody, Wyoming, and establishing the famous Wild West Show. His motivations were clear – to bring the romanticized Wild West to audiences around the world. Pisces is a sign grounded in the emotions, and Cody was driven by his own emotions to preserve and share what he had experienced, and give others a chance to experience it as well. Through his hard work and passion for the Wild West, he was successful in that dream, becoming an international celebrity, a profound influence, and a major source of inspiration for an entire generation of authors, adventurers, and settlers.

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The creativity and emotion that drove Buffalo Bill to attain so much in his life were perfect examples of the classic Piscean traits. Using his imagination, his sensitivity, his kindness, and his dream of a great, larger-than-life life, Buffalo Bill was able to experience some of the greatest adventures and accomplishments that no other one had believed was possible, and even become an inspiration for many. His astrological sign of a Piscean surely had a hand in his remarkable life.

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