What is the Star Sign of C. S. Lewis?

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What is the Star Sign of C. S. Lewis?

C. S. Lewis was born on November 29th, 1898. This puts him in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a driven, passionate sign with an insatiable curiosity and a love of knowledge. This sign is often considered to be the truth-seeker and a Wanderer of the Zodiac, and C. S. Lewis personified that trait.

C. S. Lewis was born and raised in Belfast, Ireland. He was greatly inspired by the works of the Greek and Roman philosophers, as well as the stories and writings by authors such as George MacDonald, J. R. R. Tolkien, and G. K. Chesterton. All of these authors shared a belief in a divine being which became a strong theme in Lewis’s works. As a young boy, Lewis enjoyed playing and reading, while frequently fighting his elder brother Warren. He attended the Campbell College in Belfast as a boarder, but soon moved to Malvern, England, to finish his studies.

Lewis’s Sagittarian characteristics are immediately recognizable in his works. He was a driven force for knowledge, with an intense curiosity that led him to explore everything from classical literature to philosophy, theology, mythology, and much more. Clearly his intense passion for reading and knowledge impacted much of his work, as many of his books and stories developed complex themes and intricate symbolism. His Narnia series, probably his most famous work, follows a path of self-discovery and courage, and his other novels and writings often focus on themes such as Christian faith, virtues such as courage and wisdom, and themes such as death and redemption.

In addition, Lewis tackled the idea of faith in his writings. He sought to explain the concept of faith through stories and his Sagittarian wanderlust allowed him to explore and dive into multiple religions and beliefs, while still trying to reconcile them with his Christian faith – an idea that is prominent in many of his works. Much like a Sagittarius, he loved seeking out and exploring new ideas and the “truths” behind them.

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The Sagittarian search for knowledge and truth drives much of Lewis’s works, and his life was devoted to learning and pursuing knowledge. He was also an avid lecturer and teacher, having taught at Oxford University as a tutor from 1954 until 1963. Throughout his life, Lewis remained a passionate teacher and storyteller, and he was able to share the lessons he learned from his long journey of exploration into books and stories that would captivate generations. His work continues to inspire and teach, and it’s clear that the Sagittarian tenacity and drive for knowledge were fundamental parts of Lewis’s character and his work.

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