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What is the Star Sign of Catherine Deneuve?

Catherine Deneuve is a French actress, singer and model born on October 22nd, 1943. Her zodiac sign is Libra, the sign of the scales that symbolizes balance in all forms.

Libra is an Air sign, meaning that its energy is focused largely in the realm of ideas, communication and introspection. People born under this sign are known for being highly sensitive and analytical, often taking the time to weigh both sides of an argument before acting. This tendency to see all sides of an issue serves to make them highly diplomatic and tactful — qualities that have made Deneuve a successful actor, singer and model.

Born into a highly influential French family in Paris, Deneuve was exposed to art and culture from a young age. Her mother was a model, her father a master of French literature, and their home was filled with a variety of books, works of art, and music. This strong background has been credited for contributing to the intensity and passion that has been observed in her performances.

Deneuve began her acting career in 1958 with a role in the film Les Mistons. She quickly rose to prominence on the French film scene and consistently stayed in the public eye as a leading lady in popular films throughout the 60s. She is best known internationally for her performance in the 1967 classic film Belle de Jour, which won her the prestigious BAFTA award for Best Actress.

Deneuve has used her position to positively influence and inspire others. She has been a supporter of women’s rights, especially in the areas of gender-based discrimination. In 1995, she was appointed a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, dedicating her time and talents to the advancement of curricula in visual arts, film and acting.

The influence of Deneuve’s Libra sign can be seen in all aspects of her career. Her diplomatic nature serves her well in her ability to convey emotion on-screen and on stage. Her understanding of all sides of an issue helps her navigate issues of gender inequality, and her consideration of both the visible and the abstract makes her an effective advocate for the preservation and promotion of the arts. All these traits reflect the balance and harmony of the Libra sign — which she carries well into her work in philanthropy, film, and music.

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