What is the Zodiac Sign for Catherine II of Russia?

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What is the Zodiac Sign for Catherine II of Russia?

Catherine II, the Great was born in May 2, 1729 in Russia during the Age of Enlightenment. Her zodiac sign is Taurus, symbolized by the bull and ruled by the planet Venus. People belonging to this sign are characterized as being reliable, practical and down to earth, with a stubborn relish for their home and family life. Catherine II of Russia was an exception to this rule as she was a trailblazer in many regards, setting a benchmark for future rulers.

Catherine II of Russia was the daughter of a German Princess and a minor prince. As the country’s monarchs were elected from the ruling classes, her low-status background made it difficult for her to ascend to the throne. However, she used her astrological attributes to her advantage, proving herself highly reliable, practical and determined – qualities that were paramount to her success. In 1744, she married Grand Duke Peter Fiodorovich, the heir to the Russian throne, and quickly gained the favour of Empress Elizabeth. Impressing the ruler and her courtiers with her intelligence and wit, she was quickly made a ‘friend of the court’ and was often chosen to represent the empress in her absence.

Continuing to prove her reliability and practicality under her ruling stars, she assiduously studied the most resonant topics of the period, such as Russia’s foreign policy in the Black Sea region. These studies enabled her to actively engage in debates and to foster the ambition and confidence that would later make her a successful monarch. Although her husband Peter I was widely believed to have had her heir to the throne overthrown and exiled, Catherine II used her reliable and practical nature to take her revenge and secure her own appointment as empress.

Once empress, Catherine II applied her astrological attributes of reliability and practicality to her rule, laying the foundations for an ambitious reign. Her primary achievements involved working to improve the lives of her people, increasing access to education and stimulating economic development through taxation reforms. She freed 185 serfs and made efforts to increase the state’s revenue by introducing new methods to manage state finances. In addition to economic reforms, she worked to modernize Russia, making it a significant player in Europe. This included taking control of the Ukraine, Crimea and part of Poland, allowing Russia to stretch as far as the Black Sea, and change its geopolitical orientation toward the rest of Europe.

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Although her reign was not without controversy, Catherine II remains one of Russia’s most influential leaders, credited with modernizing Russia as we know it today. Her astrological sign of Taurus was certainly befitting of her reign, as it enabled her to rely steadily on herself and her team, whilst cementing reliable and practical solutions that could strengthen Russia and its people. Her ambitious character was certainly an exception to the typical view of a Taurus, but her down to earth approach and loyalty to her country were both integral attributes to her successes.

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