What is Charles de Gaulle’s Zodiac Sign?

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What is Charles de Gaulle’s Zodiac Sign?

Charles de Gaulle was born on November 22, 1890 in Lille, France and is a Scorpio. Scorpios are known as the most passionate sign of the zodiac and are known for their intense personalities. They are often known for their drive to get things done and their tenacity in the face of challenges.

Charles de Gaulle grew up in a rather privileged family in Lille, and attended some of the most prestigious schools in Paris. Even at a young age he was driven and ambitious. He was inspired by his great aunt, Lady Arabelle du Moncey, who was a strong and independent woman despite her wealth and standing in society. She instilled in him a sense of self-sufficiency and ambition, setting him on the path to greatness.

De Gaulle’s Scorpio personality was evident in his relentless determination and ambition. Like the Scorpio sign, he wasn’t deterred by failure, and strived for greatness even when faced with difficulty. Throughout his life, de Gaulle kept his innermost ambitions close to his heart, and worked tirelessly to see them fulfilled.

In 1903, de Gaulle entered the French military academy, and by 1914 he had become an officer. World War I gave him ample opportunity to prove himself as an able leader, which he did with fervor. After being seriously injured in the war, he spent the next few years recovering and writing about methods for improving the French military.

De Gaulle’s Scorpio determination and tenacity—which were apparent from early childhood—continued to be apparent throughout his life. Continuing to prove himself as a brilliant leader and innovator, de Gaulle took part in the failed Free French operations in England during the Second World War and upon returning to the mainland he formed the French Committee of National Liberation. He became France’s President in 1959, managing to serve out a term of four years.

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De Gaulle was an inveterate risk-taker, and it was through this quality that he achieved many of the incredible feats that have made him famous. He took on seemingly impossible tasks and didn’t allow failure to be an obstacle. This, combined with his passionate Scorpio ambition, made Charles du Gaulle a formidable world leader and an inspiring example of one of astrology’s greatest signs.

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