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What is the Zodiac Sign for Charlie Watts?

Charlie Watts, born on June 2nd, is a classic Gemini. Gemini, the third sign of the zodiac, is an Air sign, known for its quick wit, intellect, and adaptability; these are all traits that we see in the musically talented drummer, Charlie Watts. Born in the north London suburb of Wembley, Watts drew his biggest inspiration from jazz icons such as Gene Krupa and Kenny Clarke.

By 1966, after working as an accountant, Charlie found his way to stardom when he joined The Rolling Stones. As a drummer, Charlie Watts is well-known for his steady beat and signature driving force, and is one of the main reasons why The Rolling Stones have achieved the level of success they have. During his time with the Stones, he earned a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001 and a lifetime achievement award at the 2011 Britt Awards.

Charlie’s life perfectly sums up the characteristics of the Gemini sign. His Blighty upbringing combined with his natural flair for the drums, underpinned by an innate sense of ingenuity, have cemented him as one of the greatest rock and roll drummers of all times. Just like a typical Gemini, Charlie was smart, insightful, and inventive, and despite his rock-n-roll lifestyle, he was never late for rehearsal or a gig, and he refused to let the drugs and partying weaken his purpose or his ambition. Gemini people are known to be compassionate, witty, and sociable, and Charlie’s friends christened him “The Quiet One”: a testament to the slower-paced lifestyle which a Gemini tends to desire.

Born under the stars of Gemini, Charlie Watts is a prime example of the qualities of this sign – resourceful, cunning, and observant with an undeniable zest for life. His lifetime achievements even during his time with The Rolling Stones make him stand out as one of the most gifted and inventive of the band, and most certainly one of the most refined drummers of the modern era. Charlie has doubtlessly made a name for himself in the music industry, and he is the quintessential rock-and-roll Gemini – a man of multiple talents and a penchant for bucking the trend.

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