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What Is Cicero’s Zodiac Sign?

Cicero was born on 106 BC with the zodiac sign of Libra. Libra is an air sign that symbolizes balance and harmony. It is also a Cardinal sign, which places emphasis on the individual’s ability to take initiative and show leadership qualities. This accuracy in description is spot on for someone of Cicero’s caliber: he was a renowned philosopher, politician, and lawyer of the Roman Republic.

Cicero was born in Arpinum, Italy, to a wealthy family. As a young adult, he studied law in Rome, the capital of the Roman Republic. It was here that Cicero developed an interest in philosophy. He combined both of his passions by becoming an expert in Roman law and a renowned philosopher, something which would become a great asset to him further into his life.

His political career really began when he ran for a seat as a quaestor in 75 BC, challenging an established aristocrat of the day. Cicero won the election but ended up in exile afterwards due to his negative reputation with other politicians in the Republic. This pause in his career allowed him to focus on further querying traditional Roman philosophies, such as the Stoic and Epicurean schools of thought.

In 63 BC Cicero was elected as a consul, the highest government position in Rome. He excelled in this role and proved to be a powerful voice of reason in parliament. He was influential in passing laws for the protection of property and the legal recognition of civil contracts. He also began a campaign of diplomacy with leaders of other countries in the Roman Republic, going so far as to assume the traditional roles of a monarch in order to negotiate better terms for Rome with its foreign allies.

Due to his leadership abilities, Cicero is credited with changing political opinion in Rome from traditional Roman conservatism to a new Forward Thinking age, in which Rome was able to become a more tolerant and cultured nation. This shift in thinking can be largely attributed to Cicero’s own ideas and philosophies, which he gained during his exile period.

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This type of ambitious and proactive leadership encapsulates the qualities of someone born under the sign of Libra. Those born under the sign of Libra strive to bring peace and balance to those around them and are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice—even at the risk of personal gain—to ensure that harmony is maintained between people and countries. This trait is just as true today as it was for Cicero over two thousand years ago.

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