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What Star Sign is David Cronenberg?

David Cronenberg is an acclaimed filmaker born on March 15, 1943. His zodiac sign is Pisces, an imaginative and creative sign in the zodiac wheel known for its intuitive nature, compassion and sensitivity.

As a Piscean born in Toronto, Canada, David Cronenberg grew up among a diverse range of cultures. He credits his many influences, such as literature, art and film, as his inspirations in his chosen art form. To this day, his work remains heavily indebted to all his passions and interests growing up.

Though he received little encouragement or recognition for his work early on in his career, he remained determined and focused on his artistic vision and eventually found success. After an art school film project, he moved on to directing films such as, Crimewave (1985), Dead Ringers (1988) and Naked Lunch (1991).

The typical trait of a Pisces is that they are adept at sensory perception and have the ability to intuitively tap into cultural norms, allowing them to make influential works of art. This ability reflects in David Cronenberg’s works, which show his interest in addressing themes of technology represented through the human body and the mind, and the warping of realities. He managed to tie these mental concepts and themes to outward narratives, having become a master at conveying the inner state of his characters through his films.

The sensitivity, depth and imagination of a Pisces are also reflected in Cronenberg’s life outside of work as a lover of the arts. Literature is something that has always been important to him, and he has written several books of his own. He also has a great interest in music, having scored some of his films and always keeping up with current music trends.

Cronenberg’s unique and powerful interpretation of art, paired with the intuitive nature and creativity of his Pisces traits, help to explain his continued success. His influence and reputation in film are unmatched and he has long been seen as one of the most important voices in film across the world, with a legacy spanning a few decades.

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As a Pisces, the versatility of David Cronenberg’s creative vision has allowed him to explore many different facets of filmmaking, always remaining true to his signature style of art direction. He has been transforming art into visual stories which explore and expound the mysterious and surreal aspects of life since the very beginning of his career. It isn’t hard to thematically connect the years of his past and current works to the astrological sign of the Fish, which he indelibly carries, showing a true mastery of the boundaries and symbolism of his art form.

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