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What is David Hume’s Zodiac sign?

David Hume was born on 7 May 1711 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He is a Taurus, which is an earth sign which is known for its strong connection to physical sensation and reality. Being an earth sign, Taurus is associated with traditional values, realism and practicality. The Taurus is also known for its realism and positive outlook which have a tendency to make them more relaxed than other signs.

David Hume’s Taurus background enables him to think logically and realistically, with an eye for detail, which is evident in his writings. His ability to think practically and logically gives him a strong footing in pursuing his passion – philosophy. Born and raised in Edinburgh, David was heavily influenced by the Scottish Enlightenment. It was in this environment where his love for philosophy flourished and his philosophical views developed.

Aristotle, John Locke and Francis Bacon were huge influences to Hume and deeply shaped his philosophical views on the nature of knowledge and experience. Not only did Hume draw inspiration from other philosophers, but also drew his motivation through a strong emotional component. Over the course of his lifetime, Hume wrote an impressive number of books and essays on philosophy, logic and ethics. His well-known works include A Treatise of Human Nature, An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding and An Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Morality, which are considered to be some of his greatest achievements.

It can be seen that Hume’s Taurus background had a major influence on his life. Being an earth sign, Hume’s approach to philosophy was also grounded in reality and logic, as evidenced in his writings. Moreover, his motivation and ambition were strongly fuelled by his emotional strength which might have been a result of his Taurus background. Hume lived in a period of great philosophical change and left behind a great legacy of works which have his name associated with it. He is still widely regarded as one of the most influential philosophers of the modern era. Finally, his strong connection to physical sensation and reality has made him an extraordinary figure in the philosophy world and proved that his Taurus sign was a great influence in his life.

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