What is the Star Sign of Dionne Warwick?

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What is the Star Sign of Dionne Warwick?

Dionne Warwick, born on December 12th, 1940, is an Aquarius Sun sign. Aquarians are notoriously independent and strong willed, which perfectly encapsulates the story of Warwick’s life and career. Aquarius is also known to have a strong sense of justice, which may have been a factor in her philanthropic endeavors over her years in the spotlight.

Dionne Warwick grew up in East Orange, New Jersey, in a family of six. She was inspired by gospel music at an early age, as well as by her aunt, gospel great Cissy Houston. Warwick’s career really began to take off when she was signed to Scepter Records in 1962. This record label is where she ended up recording most of the great songs for which she is still remembered today.

Among those hits of the 1960’s were “Don’t Make Me Over”, “Walk On By” and “(Theme From) Valley of the Dolls”, all of which charted highly in the U.S. and the U.K. A few years later, she released her signature song “I Say A Little Prayer”, which she was inspired by and performed at the Apollo Theater in Harlem along with the Sweet Inspirations. Her contributions to the industry earned her a Special Citation from the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences in 1976, and to this day she is still one of the best-selling female vocalists of all time.

Dionne Warwick’s independent spirit and sense of justice obviously played a large role in her success. As an Aquarius, she has an understandable desire for freedom and independence, which drove her to continue pushing herself despite the standards of the time. Aquarians are also known to be exceptionally creative, which made Dionne a powerhouse when it came to recording. Even though she worked from the same label, she always had the creativity to come up with something truly special that could stand out above the competition. Additionally, Aquarius’ are highly intellectual, and even though her career has taken incredible turns during her lifetime, she’s never had a growing period.

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Dionne Warwick’s impact on the music industry, from her early years to being a successful artist today, are a testament to the independent, strong-willed Aquarian energy that pushed her forward. With hits like “Walk On By”, a track that has stood the test of time, she was able to make plenty of waves during her time at Scepter Records. Hoist up high as an Aquarian, Dionne Warwick has inspired generations of performers through her repertoire and remains a phenomenal example of someone who defied the expectations of society by using her strength and innovative Aquarian spirit.

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