What is Eliot Spitzer’s Zodiac sign?

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What is Eliot Spitzer’s Zodiac sign?

Eliot Spitzer, born June 10, 1959, is a Gemini. People born under the sign of Gemini are dualistic in nature – they are of two minds, or have two distinct personalities, within the same person. They are known to have expansive and inquisitive minds that love to explore new ideas, which makes them incredibly flexible, and resourceful when dealing with adversity. Imaginative and analytical, Geminis are natural problem-solvers and excellent communicators, and are known for being quick-witted and having a profound inner-wisdom.

Eliot Spitzer was born in the Bronx in the New York City area, and was raised in a family of lawyers. He received his education from Princeton University, from which he graduated magna cum laude, and Harvard Law School. He was inspired by his father, a real estate lawyer, who he credited as his biggest role model for teaching him to always strive for excellence in his work. Spitzer was driven to succeed, and, armed with his education, he threw himself into a career in law.

While still in law school, he spent summers working as a clerk at Shearman & Sterling, one of the top law firms in the City. He became the partner at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher and Flom, as well as working on a number of high-profile litigation cases. During this time, he developed a reputation as a hard-working and determined litigator and was highly respected amongst his peers. His Gemini traits – passion for exploration, quick wit, and an expansive mind – helped pave the road to success. As an attorney, Spitzer was known as an aggressive legal advocate, which also goes well with the Gemini sign’s fighting spirit to get what it wants.

Spitzer’s greatest achievement was when he was elected as the 54th Governor of New York in January 2007, making him the first elected Governor to hail from New York City. He pursued a progressive agenda while in office, championing reform in a number of areas including healthcare, crime, campaign finance, welfare, and education. He was also successful in pushing through a number of environmental protection initiatives, such as the Clean Water/Clean Air bond act, and was even listed as one of Time Magazine’s “People Who Mattered”. As a Gemini, he was flexible and was able to think quickly and innovatively, which helped him be successful in tackling a number of big issues.

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Despite these successes, Spitzer was forced to resign from office in 2008, after becoming engulfed in a prostitution scandal. This was a major blow to his career, but he was able to rise from the ashes due in great part to his Gemini traits. He propelled himself back into the political arena by running for City Comptroller, and even though he ultimately lost the election, his determination and resilience landed him a role as a commentator for CNN.

Eliot Spitzer’s life was a classic example of the ambitious and driven nature of people born under the Gemini sign. His expansive mind and quick wit made him a formidable attorney and leader, but it was his determination and resilience to face adversity that enabled him to make a successful return from scandal.

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