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What Is Elizabeth Banks’s Zodiac Sign?

Elizabeth Banks is born on the 10th of February, making her an Aquarius. She is well known for her roles in films such as 30 Rock and The Hunger Games, but before becoming a Hollywood star she was born and raised in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

Those born under the sign of Aquarius have a lot in common with Banks, such as loyalty and determination. Aquarius tend to be quite independent and have a genuine interest in realizing the best for themselves and for those around them. In trying to make this happen, Aquarius don’t shy away from responsibility and may even be a bit of an activist.

Elizabeth Banks embodies all of these qualities, as she had always been a hard worker and dedicated herself to her education. After high school, Banks attended the prestigious American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco. Upon graduating, Banks set out to New York City and started actively pursuing an onscreen career.

Banks was successful in her endeavor. She worked in TV and film, and was involved in several major productions such as Spider-Man, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and Wet Hot American Summer. Banks is also widely known for her role as Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games franchise for which she received many awards.

She is active in her philanthropic work as well and is a supporter of the ACLU and GLAAD. She also founded WhoHaha, an online platform that supports and encourages female-driven content and all creative female-run businesses.

Banks’ zodiac sign of Aquarius is a representation of her life and achievements. Aquarians are known to be inventive, hard-working, and above all, socially conscious. One of the main qualities of an Aquarian is the ambition and loyalty to pursue their dreams and the will to help others. All of those qualities are clearly seen in Banks and her body of work. Banks never let her dreams fade and she made sure that she followed through with them even if the path was difficult. Her willingness to help other women achieve their dreams is also a trait that any Aquarian can relate to.

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Elizabeth Banks, born under the Aquarius sign, is an inspiration to us all. Her determination and persistence have gotten her to where she is now. Banks has used her success to better the lives of others and in a way, that has made her success even more impressive.

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