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What is the Star Sign of Elizabeth Mitchell?

Elizabeth Mitchell is an American actress born on 29th March 1970 and is an Aries, the first sign of the zodiac calendar. Aries is a Fire sign, and is associated with being passionate, dynamic and determined, traits that it can be argued that Elizabeth Mitchell’s professional life and ambition to make it in show business is testament to.

Elizabeth Mitchell was born in Dallas, Texas, as the oldest of three siblings. She was raised in Houston, and is the daughter of a police officer and teacher. Growing up, she was encouraged to explore and get involved in the creative arts, such as joining the local community theatre.

This early encouragement to pursue dramatic art initially led Elizabeth Mitchell to enroll at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri, to study acting. She then went on to attend the prestigious Juilliard School in New York on full scholarship, graduating in 1992.

The Aries sign emphasise independent, instinctive and courageous action – qualities commonly possessed by successful actors. Elizabeth Mitchell’s combative spirit in achieving her dreams clearly reflects the Aries character. This determination and fight for her ambitions in the face of adversity is admirable.

Elizabeth moved to Los Angeles after graduating from Juilliard, looking to pursue a career in show business. Her first major role came almost a year later with a contact role on the soap opera Loving in 1993. This was quickly followed by appearances in other soap operas and in feature films.

Her breakthrough role came when she gained a regular spot on the 90’s popular police drama New York Undercover. Elizabeth flourished on the show and despite the series being cancelled after only 4 seasons, she’d already made a name for herself in show business.

In the subsequent years, Elizabeth went on to star in a range of powerful and popular films such as Frequency, Gia and The Purge: Election Year. She has also starred in various television shows, being best known for her leading role in the science fiction hit series Lost.

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These achievements demonstrate her characteristically Aries ambition and her knack for portraying strong females and characters with a lot of fire in them. Coupled with her impressive catalog of awards, Elizabeth Mitchell has cemented her name as a memorable actress who has an undeniable presence on TV and cinema screens.

The Aries sign is often seen as being associated with pushing boundaries. Elizabeth Mitchell is somebody who has definitely taken this to heart throughout her career. Not only has she consistently delivered powerful performances as a lead role in various films and TV shows, but has greatly pushed the boundaries of what people saw a female actor can do – often being the central role in a male dominated world.

Elizabeth Mitchell certainly typifies a strong, motivated and ambitious Aries personality. She is an example of how those born under this sign should pursue their goals in life, and that ambition, courage, and determination are paramount to success.

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