What is Elle Macpherson’s Zodiac Sign?

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What is Elle Macpherson’s Zodiac Sign?

Elle Macpherson is an Australian supermodel, businesswoman, and television host, born on March 29th, 1963. She’s a passionate Aries, the first sign in the Zodiac and often considered the embodiment of initiative, energy, leadership, and courage. As the Arian energy is the start of the cycle, Macpherson’s vibrant nature as a pioneering and brave leader is no doubt in part driven by her star sign.

Macpherson was born in Killara, a suburb of Sydney and grew up wanting to pursue a career in modeling. She chose to pursue this career path over a more traditional education path of subject-based learning, due to her spontaneous and enthusiastic nature. This idea to pursue her own blessed path is in perfect concert with the Aries spirit. Despite overall negative initial criticism and many rejections, Macpherson never gave up her pursuit of success, representing the persistence and resilience of a true Aries.

Macpherson’s drive to succeed and ability to think outside of the box, characteristic of an Aries, made her a natural creative entrepreneur who eventually developed her own products. She is well known in Australia for her business and product range called ‘Elle Macpherson Intimates’. With her revolutionary ideas and creativity, an Arian trait, she has managed to build three highly successful business empires, one of the most famous being Elle Macpherson The Body Care Line.

Elle Macpherson is also a television presenter, again showing her need to step beyond the boundaries and be bold in her ideas. Her natural intellect in combination with her enthusiasm and courageousness helped her to challenge traditional roles and limitations set by gender-based posters. This persistence,isexacerbated by the energy of an Arian spirit, is seen in Macpherson’s intelligence and will to dominate the fashion industry from the position of a woman.

Macpherson has achieved countless awards, starting with her the Beautiful Ambassador Award from her hometown of Sydney in 1985. She continues to build and motivate, representing the pioneering and motivating spirit of an Aries, since then. The same courageous qualities that pushed her through rejection are undoubtedly the same qualities that have helped her to amass a long list of major awards, including Glamour Women of the Year Awards, Model of the Year Awards and Elite’s Female Model of the Year Awards. Her exemplary achievement has seen her make Forbes’ 25 Highest Earning Models.

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Elle Macpherson has come incredibly far in her life due to her own hard work, dedication, and, of course, her Aries spirit. It’s clear to see that both the businesswoman and the model have benefited from the natural Arian qualities- drive, passion, curiosity, commitment, and independence. As she continues her personal and professional journey, we’re sure that the pioneering Arian spirit will continue to drive her further.

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