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What Is Elvis Costello’s Zodiac Sign?

Elvis Costello, born on the 25th of August 1954, is an Aquarius, astrologically speaking. Representing the Water Bearer, Aquarius is an air sign, co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus. As an air sign, Aquarians are restless when it comes to their mental faculties, always thirsty for new knowledge. They are progressive and idealistic, often harboring a strong passion for humanitarian work, as seen in many of Elvis Costello’s own works. Aquarians are also known for having a certain eccentricity and rebelliousness, traits also strongly associated with the singer songwriter.

Born Declan Patrick MacManus to Irish parents in London, England, Elvis Costello (originally known by his birth name) moved to Liverpool when he was five. Growing up in the ‘70s Liverpool punk and pub rock scene, the young Costello was heavily influenced by pioneers such as Pete Townshend and Joe Strummer and their signature power chords and lyrically-poignant punk. However, the independent spirit of an Aquarius shines through Costello’s music as he combined the punk influences with a range of musical genres, such as jazz, country, and soul, while also incorporating immensely personal lyrics that marked a rebirth of the singer-songwriter.

In 1977, Costello released his debut album, My Aim Is True, which made it to the UK Top 20. He released several critically acclaimed albums (such as This Year’s Model and Armed Forces) over the next few years, and in 1981, he received the Brit Award for Best British Male, as well as a nomination for the Grammy for Best New Artist. It was this same year that he achieved his biggest commercial success with the release of the album Almost Blue.

The 1980s, 90s, and 00s saw Costello’s rise to international fame, as he began collaborating with other popular music figures. Moving away from his punk days, Costello partnered with Burt Bacharach for the album Painted From Memory, wrote the musical play Shipbuilding, and aligned himself with the British classical rock group The Brodsky Quartet for a string of projects. The Aquarian in him allowed him continued freedom and experimentation, and he settled down in 2001 to work on a series of records in the country, roots, and modern jazz subgenres.

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In 2009, Costello was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and has continued to experiment and release records such as the long-awaited National Ransom, emphasizing his Aquarian independent spirit. Through his wide range of musical genres and improvisational attitude, Costello has established himself as a singularly influential artist across the musical map. His versatile view of music, lyrics, and creative outlook can all be linked to the prominent characteristics of the Aquarian personality. From his beginnings as Declan Patrick MacManus on the 25th of August 1954, Elvis Costello’s musical career has been steered by his progressive and unpredictable nature of the Water Bearer.

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