What is Eva Perón’s Zodiac sign?

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What is Eva Perón’s Zodiac sign?

Eva Perón was born on May 7, 1919 in Los Toldos, Province of Buenos Aires, a small town in Argentina. Her zodiac sign was Taurus, which is depicted by a bull and deriving from the Greek god Zeus. Those born under the sign of Taurus are characterized as tenacious and hard-working, but also artistic and sensitive. Those born under this sign thrive when they are able to pay practical attention to details, yet able to be creative when the need arises. This fits perfectly into the astrological personality of Eva Perón, affectionately known as Evita.

Growing up, Eva Perón was born into a humble family living in poverty and she was determined to better her life and the lives of others. Despite her poor background, she had the determination and courage to pursue what she believed in and set off on a path of social and political empowerment that drove the change she wanted to be seen in her beloved Argentina. It is not surprise then that her zodiac sign of Taurus lends itself to her personality and ability to work hard to achieve her goal.

Eva Perón soon started acting and later became a model as well, never forgetting her struggles from childhood and using these experiences to empower her and fuel her ambition for change. Her hard work and determination payed off with her acquiring the title of First Lady of Argentina in 1946. As first lady, Eva worked hard to promote the rights of the poor and downtrodden and she quickly earned their loyalty and affection. She was affectionately given the moniker “Evita” and soon became a beacon of hope for the lower classes. Again, it is not a surprise that this achievment and character matched so well with her Taurus traits of tenacity and hard-work.

The generosity and kindness of Eva is also synomous with the sign of Taurus, and she quickly established an image of a woman of the people who fought hard for those who could not fight for themselves. She was also a leader for women, starting her ownfoundation in 1949 to promote female pride and diversity. She was instrumental in having the first female enfranchisement incorporated into the Argentine constitution and she was also the prominenet face of raising awareness and funds for free health care and housing, which had a profound effect on the poorest of people in Argentina.

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Eva Perón achieved so much in her lifetime, but sadly she was taken by cancer at the age of only 33. It is no surprise that she accomplished so much and was able to help so many in her lifetime. Her tenacious ond and hard-working personality, inspired by her Taurus sign, allowed her to overcome all boundaries in the face of oppression. She has since become an iconic figure in Argentina and is remembered fondly as an for what her zodiac sign stands for; hard work and ambition matched with the dogged determination to help and improve the lives of others.

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