What is the Zodiac Sign for Frank Lampard?

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What is the Zodiac Sign for Frank Lampard?

Frank Lampard is an English saxophonist and singer-songwriter who was born on June 20th, 1978 and is a Cancer. Cancers are symbolized by the Crab, which is fitting considering the symbol of Cancer is the crab, due to their often moody and emotional nature. Those born under the sign of Cancer are said to be incredibly creative and sensitive, and this certainly rings true with Lampard who has often spoken about how he is driven by his emotions when creating music. Cancer is also known to be the sign of safety and shelter, which is perhaps why Lampard sees music as a refuge, a place to retreat to.

Frank Lampard grew up in East London and was raised in a musically inclined family. He started to pursue music at an early age and by 14 he had already formed his own rock band. He was inspired by various musicians from Jimi Hendrix to Jeff Buckley, all of whom Lampard cites as influences on his current music, particularly Hendrix with his blend of blues and rock. Lampard is also an ardent supporter of the late, great Amy Winehouse and it was her inspiration that drove him to pursue music as a career. He is now a prolific saxophonist and singer-songwriter and has performed in various venues, including on stage at the London Palladium with Jamie Cullum. He is also an acclaimed songwriter; he wrote a song for Warchild called “Never Let Go” and two songs for the movie “The Holiday”.

The sign of Cancer is represented by the element of water and is known to be extremely nurturing and family-oriented. To that end, Lampard has been a father figure for his younger siblings, often helping them with music and other pursuits. He also has a strong bond with his parents; his father was his manager and mentor in the music business and it was his mother who inspired him to pursue music as a career. He is also close to his fiancee, the singer-songwriter Pixie Lott. This influence of family on Lampard’s life is certainly illustrated by the sign of Cancer and its strong desire to nurture those close to it.

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Cancers are known to be moody, often fluctuating between moments of joy and melancholy and this is something Lampard is familiar with. He has spoken candidly about how music is a way for him to process difficult emotions, and this is in line with the emotional nature of the sign. Lampard is also tenacious and determined; pioneering his own unique music sense, journeying through some of the toughest times in his life and always striving to do better. These traits are represented by the crab, the symbol of Cancer, which is known for its resilience.

In short, Frank Lampard’s birthdate and Cancer zodiac sign reflects many of the strong traits that make up his personality and career. He is incredibly creative and sensitive yet also determined and resilient. All of this is exemplified in his music, which is personal and emotive yet ambitious as he strives towards greatness.

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