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What Is George Orwell’s Zodiac Sign?

George Orwell (born Eric Arthur Blair on 25 June 1903) was a British novelist, essayist, and journalist. His zodiac sign was Cancer. Those born under the Cancer sign are ruled by their emotions and intimately connected to their environments. People with this sign are deeply protective of those they care about, and inspired to create a secure and nurturing home.

George Orwell was born and raised in Motihari, Bengal in colonial India. His family had an aristocratic background; they felt the effects of the decline of the British Empire during his youth. Even though his parents were both members of the elite in colonial India, Young Orwell felt excluded from the life they had, or from a social class he did not fit into. This disconnection made him develop an immense curiosity for ideas, and became passionate about writing and research.

Orwell later moved to England to work as a writer. He worked as a tutor, bookshop assistant, teacher, policeman in Burma, and a red-flag worker during the General Strike of 1926. His time as a low-wage worker and witnessing phenomena like poverty, social injustice, and the early days of totalitarianism inspired his works and projects.

Orwell’s literary works highlight human rights issues, comment on authoritarian ideology, and explore social classes. Many of his works are still relevant today; books like Animal Farm and 1984 are still canonical reading material in many schools. Alongside his literature, Orwell was a prominent member of the anti-1991’s popular movements; he wrote several pamphlets, essays, and articles for journals and newspapers.

George Orwell’s lifelong disconnection from the elite motivated him to explore, learn, examine, and write his works. His passionate attitude and dedication to civil liberties are characteristics of Cancer. Cancers have great intuition and the ability to ponder deeply about the future. These traits can certainly be seen in Orwell’s works; Orwell paints a detailed and futuristic image of the world within these stories, and by doing so, Orwell powerfully illustrated the potential consequences of totalitarian regime and authoritarian ideology.

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Orwell was profoundly affected by the social and political climates of his times, but never stopped standing up for freedom. His books, stories, essays, articles, and pamphlets keep inspiring people around the world and will be fondly remembered by generations to come.

In conclusion, George Orwell was a devastatingly talented British author. He grew up in colonial India with an aristocratic family, but felt disconnected from his social class as a child. The 1903 Cancer was driven by his emotions and passion to observe and work against oppressive systems. He witnessed firsthand the injustices of early-1900’s Britain and expressed his observations through his works. His often-true predictions and observations of the world will forever be carried through the pages of his books.

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