What is the Star Sign of H. G. Wells?

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What is the Star Sign of H. G. Wells?

H. G. Wells, born on September 21st, 1866, was a Virgo. Virgos are said to be hard-working and detail-oriented individuals who tend to obsess over getting every little detail just right. This certainly applies to H. G. Wells, whose birthdate alone gives a glimpse into the kind of person he was.

H. G. Wells was born in Kent, England to an isolated, lower-middle class family. He was the youngest of four siblings and showed early intellectual promise, but had to work from a young age to help support his family financially. One could almost say that the Virgo traits of hard work and reliability were necessary for H. G. Wells to survive during childhood, given his difficult circumstances.

When he was 14, Wells won a scholarship to study science and mathematics at the Normal School of Science (now the Royal College of Science). This scholarship allowed him to become the first in his family to attend college and he excelled at the new discipline favoured by his Virgo instinct to serve the pressure of practical reality (something that Virgos are known for). This education would eventually set Wells up for a career in science and teaching.

At the same time, H. G. Wells found himself inspired by literature and the idea of writing his own fiction. It was this creative side that Virgos possess, combined with his high intellectual capacity, that birthed Wells’s lifelong journey and passion for writing. He produced various fiction works, such as The Time Machine, The War of the Worlds, and The Invisible Man, along with many non-fiction works about philosophy, science, and history.

It is no coincidence that Wells’s writings aligned with his Virgo nature of being detail-oriented, analytical thinkers. He also used his Virgo traits to explore inner worlds of happenings, emotions and reflections. In his novel The War of the Worlds, the environment is described so minutely and accurately that his audience gets a feeling of what it might be like to experience such an apocalyptic event. His unique ability to describe details and paint vivid images, shows his Virgo tendency for perfectionism.

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Using these skills, Wells birthed some of the most famous speculative fiction in English literature and popularised the “time travel” concept. He was also one of the first 20th century authors to depict aliens in a realistic fashion. His works have been adapted for film many times, making his vision of the future a part of modern culture. Indeed, Wells’s ability to predict the future has long been admired, which can be attributed in large part to his Virgo traits of thoroughness and discipline.

Overall, H. G. Wells’s great intellect, work ethic, and creativity all stemmed from his Virgo sign. His witty imagination and disciplined instinct helped propel him to some of the greatest literary achievements of the 20th century. While the astrological sign of Virgo may be seen as critical and analytical, H. G. Wells’s works have proven that these qualities can also be applied to create a world of wondrous imagination.

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