What is H. P. Lovecraft’s Zodiac sign?

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What is H. P. Lovecraft’s Zodiac sign?

H. P. Lovecraft was born on August 20th, 1890, making him a Leo. People born under the sign of Leo are known for their passionate and creative natures, and represent a true leader among the zodiac signs.

H.P. Lovecraft was born in Providence, Rhode Island, and had a rather privileged upbringing. Although his father was institutionalized when he was only three, he found love and understanding with his two aunts, Lillian and Annie. Lovecraft was an avid reader and was especially fond of the weird and fantastical works of the likes of Edgar Allan Poe. This passion for exploration and discovery came to define his life and influence.

After attending preparatory schools, Lovecraft moved back to Providence. During this time he wrote fervently and made a living from ghostwriting, editing and small-time journalism. His works included scientific, philosophical and occult musings, and he wrote a great deal of material that was never published, such as his famous 161,000-word history of New England titled the Necronomicon.

Lovecraft’s style of writing drastically changed during this period. He combined the elements of early horror fiction with the popular cosmological ideas of the late 19th century, which made him stand out from the crowd. People began to speculate about the authenticity of his stories and whether they were based on factual events.

Lovecraft also developed a strong interest in the occult and astrology. He designed what he called the “Dream Cycle”, which were a series of 24 stories set in a dream world. He attributed each one to a different astrological sign, making sure to connect them with real-life events and ideas he believed were linked to the astrology of the time.

Lovecraft’s success in writing was only minor during his lifetime, but his works grew to become highly influential after his death. His stories inspired several horror-genre authors and game writers, and he remains an iconic figure in the modern horror and science fiction genres.

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The passionate and creative nature of Leo, the zodiac sign under which Lovecraft was born, has certainly been credited with his success. His constant search for knowledge, his unyielding determination and his innate gift of bringing imagination to life allowed him to create what is widely acknowledged as one of the most memorable and inspiring literary mixtures in history. As a Leo, Lovecraft had an extraordinary courage, and like every good Leo, managed to create something truly unique and special for people to enjoy and learn from for centuries to come.

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