What is the Star Sign of Harvey Keitel?

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What is the Star Sign of Harvey Keitel?

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Harvey Keitel, born on May 13th, 1939 is a Taurus, one of the most reliable and diligently pragmatic signs in the zodiac. With a charming, steady, and loyal core, the Taurean spirit is often gentle and generous, not to mention a bit stubborn. Harvey Keitel no doubt operates through this zodiac lens.

Born to Jewish parents in Brooklyn, the heart of metropolitan New York City, Harvey Keitel had always been surrounded by love and support from his family. His parents were of Polish and Austrian descent, and he was one of four siblings. Upon his graduation from New York City’s Edward R. Murrow High School, Harvey decided to break away from traditional educational routes, and become an American actor instead.

Harvey Keitel’s artistic dreams were manifested into great accomplishments throughout his lifetime; from a brief stint in the United States Marine Corps to starring roles alongside Robert De Nairo and Al Pacino, Harvey had done it all. Somewhere along his journey of fame and success, Harvey’s work had earned the recognition of Academy Awards, twice for his lifetime achievements and contributions in the fields of acting and production.

This leads us back to the Taurus sign; fame and recognition is very important to Harveys life, as the Taurus desires to strive for the best and rarely settles for second place. The Taurean spirit’s ambition is strong, and are also sensible and down-to-earth. This grounded nature shines through on Harvey’s journey of success, from his humble beginnings to one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Harvey Keitel’s slow, steady, yet determined approach to the art world is somewhat reflective of most Taureans; as they prefer to do one thing at a time and complete it with finesse…just like the famous Harvey Keitel.

The Taurus sign is also noted to be a sign that is loyal and steady; Harvey has kept strong and relationships both in and outside of his professional life. Harvey received two Academy Award nominations, two Emmy Award nods, and a Golden Globe nomination for his performances in the late 1970s. He has also enjoyed a highly active career in production throughout the USA and Europe, working on movies like Life on Mars, Vincent & Theo, and Smoke. In addition to producing, Harvey has also acted in a variety of classical roles such as those found in Martin Scorsese’s Mean Streets and The Last Temptation of Christ, as well as in the Quentin Tarantino-directed Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. Harvey is also a recipient of the Life Achievement Award from the American Cinema Awards.

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Harvey’s Taurean spirit perfectly permeates through his accomplishments; from his intention to gain recognition right down to his loyal and dedicated relationships in the industry. The Taoist spirit is a sign of patient upbringing, loyal character, and dedicated accomplishments in every aspect our lives. Harvey Keitel’s birth date and zodiac sign perfectly embody this Taurean spirit, and help to forge the picture perfect image of a highly successful actor and producer.

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