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What Star Sign is Hedy Lamarr?

Hedy Lamarr was born on November 9th, 1914, making her a Scorpio zodiac sign. Born Hedwig Eva Marie Kiesler, Lamarr was an Austrian-American actress, inventor, film producer and humanitarian. Famous for her beauty, Lamarr was often dubbed the most beautiful woman in the world.

As a Scorpio, Hedy Lamarr was ambitious, assertive and passionate about the projects she was involved in. Beneath her glamorous veneer, Lamarr was an impressive powerhouse of knowledge and intellect that spanned from science and invention to the arts. Lamarr grew up as an only child in her native Vienna, Austria where her parents encouraged her to pursue her interests in the sciences, and often took her to the theater and the opera. It was at the precocious age of 17, however, that Lamarr began her journey to fame when her family signed off on her marriage to a prominent Austrian arms dealer who happened to be considerably older than her.

Lamarr spent several years at her husband’s side during his military business trips, where she developed an interest in munitions technology, naval operations, and encryption systems- all topics that Lamarr would later go on to use in her groundbreaking invention. By 1933, Lamarr had had enough of her marriage and made an escape to Paris where she pursued an acting career. Her breakout role in the Czechoslovakian Film, Ecstasy, catapulted her onto the international stage and earned her a Hollywood movie contract in 1938.

Throughout her Hollywood career, Lamarr had explored interests throughout the sciences, eventually developing the idea for the frequency-hopping technology that she would eventually patent into what is now known as the invention of WiFi. Lamarr and her teammate, co-inventor George Anthiel, sought to develop a radio-controlled torpedo that could not be easily intercepted by the enemy. Her unique idea was to toss in the frequency-hopping approach that was impossible to track down and decode. The U.S. Navy was impressed with the idea but did not fund it at the time.

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Lamarr, always the persistent and determined Scorpio, did not give up and was eventually awarded a patent in 1959. Although the US Navy eventually declined to use her revolutionary invention during World War II, her invention technology eventually went on to become integral to modern wireless communication, which is used by almost every device today. Lamarr was also posthumously inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2014.

Lamarr’s creativity, ambition and determination shaped her as a Scorpio, and throughout her life she demonstrated an impressive resilience that pushed her from her at-times tumultuous upbringing, into a life of innovation, fame, and rebel motivation. As an actress, inventor and humanitarian, Hedy Lamarr left an indelible legacy in the entertainment, technology, and science worlds–a legacy that continues to live on, even after her death in 2000.

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