What is the Astrological Sign of Henry VII of England?

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What is the Astrological Sign of Henry VII of England?

Henry VII of England was born on January 28, 1457 in Pembroke Castle, Wales. His zodiac sign was Aquarius, the Water Bearer of the Zodiac. Individuals with this sign are often independent, talented, and excel when it comes to giving back and serving others. Henry VII certainly lived up to the expectations of Aquarius.

Henry VII was the son of Edmund Tudor and Margaret Beaufort, great-granddaughter of Edward III. He was the first monarch of the House of Tudor, the family line of the Kings and Queens of England that lasted over one hundred years.

Henry VII’s role as the founding father of the Tudor dynasty was a strong reflection of his Aquarian energy. Aquarians often take the lead and strive to build their own empires – Henry VII managed to accomplish just that, claiming the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485 and establishing himself as the new monarch of England. He united the Kingdoms of England and Wales in the English Crown and thus ended a cycle of civil war in his country by ending the Wars of the Roses. To this day Henry VII’s reign is remembered for its economic consolidation and the many improvements in administration; he established an effective level of taxation and an improved judicial system that helped shape the nation.

Henry VII’s ambitious, calculating nature was in alignment with the characteristics of an Aquarius. Aquarians are practical, logical, and reasonable and are known to be quite independent and averse to taking orders from others. Henry VII was a realistic, shrewd ruler who understood the importance of appearing powerful, so he kept the court in balance and surrounded himself with trusted supporters. He was a skilled negotiator and diplomat – qualities indicative of an Aquarian. He secured his position on the throne not only by his own prowess in battle, but also by his wise diplomatic efforts and by arranging dynastic marriages between himself, his children, and other important noble figures.

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In addition, Aquarians take their humanitarianism very seriously, and this was certainly true for Henry VII. He took it upon himself to implement social reform and began improving the everyday lives of his people by laying down economic and legal regulations, and launched a vigorous campaign against vagabonds and beggars, attempting to create a more orderly society.

There is no doubt that Henry VII of England lived up to the expectations of the Water Bearer of the Zodiac sign. He certainly summoned the intellectual, independent, and calculating energy of an Aquarian, as well as their ambition and passion for humanitarian service. With his divine ability to build empires and implement social reform, Henry VII is remembered for his major achievements centuries later, both as a ruler and a symbol of Aquarius.

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