What is the Star Sign of Jack Nicholson?

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What is the Star Sign of Jack Nicholson?

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Jack Nicholson is a legendary actor born April 22, 1937, making him a Taurus. Those born under the Taurus zodiac sign are known for their extreme reliability, dependability, and hard work. This zodiac is usually quite ambitious, patient, kindhearted — and passionate.

Jack Nicholson hails from Neptune, New Jersey, growing up in an impoverished background. He was raised by his grandparents, to whom he attributed a great deal of his drive and ambition during his career. After leaving New Jersey, Nicholson moved to California in pursuit of his dreams of becoming an actor. His undeniable charisma and talent rapidly grew, winning him a support network of actors and young directors who wanted to work with him. His ascendancy to fame was gradual, but Nicholson quickly rose up the Hollywood totem pole and had his first success in the late ’60s.

Nicholson had, and continues to have, a successful career in film and television, earning Oscars, Golden Globes, SAG Awards and more for his various performances throughout the decades. Arguably some of his most iconic onscreen roles include The Shining, A Few Good Men, and The Departed. His creativity has also taken him behind the camera to be a filmmaker, directing films like The Two Jakes, Goin’ South, and TheBorder. Throughout his years, both on and off screen, Nicholson has been an inspiration for future thespians and creatives. His ability to take a character and make them his own, even shedding light on passions he has away from the camera lens, has captivated audiences world-wide.

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