What is Jackson Rathbone’s Zodiac Sign?

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What is Jackson Rathbone’s Zodiac Sign?

Jackson Rathbone was born December 14th, 1984, and his zodiac sign is Sagittarius. As an eager adventurer born under the Sagittarius star sign, Jackson Rathbone is an individual who loves action and is always looking for ways to make things happen. Jackson is an independent spirit, often finding himself on the quest for something more, embodying the spirit of the centaur riding through life for new adventures. Not afraid to take risks, Jackson has accomplished a great deal in his life, from his work in the entertainment industry to his private passions.

Jackson Rathbone was born and raised in Midland, Texas, as part of a family of six. Being the middle child of the family, Jackson filled his days with creative expression, from performances in local theater to taking up the piano, learning hip-hop dance, and developing a passion for songwriting. At an early age, Jackson discovered his ambition and found many paths for personal growth, something which the sign of Sagittarius cherishes.

Jackson soon moved to Los Angeles to further his career, and it is there that he honed in on his craft while appearing in numerous television shows and feature films. Jackson even contributed to the writing of multiple projects, including an independent feature film. Always brimming with creativity, the ambitious Sagittarius achieved success and prominent stardom after appearing in the popular Twilight saga as Jasper Hale.

Outside of his creative endeavors, Jackson Rathbone is passionate about contributing to the greater good. Partnering up with his philanthropic work, Jackson founded The Conscience Foundation in 2010, an organization that seeks to help those in need. Involved in charity events and causes across the world, Jackson shows no sign of slowing down, and his ambition will only take him further in life with plenty of projects and stories to tell.

The spirit of the centaur is always imminent in the sign of Sagittarius, and the nature of seeking new adventures and exploration is a part of Jackson’s life. He is a motivational individual who is always striving for something better, and successes enjoyed in his life are due to the hard work and ambition possessed by the often underestimated but oh-so-essential Sagittarius.

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