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What is James Cromwell’s Zodiac Sign?

James Cromwell was born on January 27th of 1940, making him a creative and compassionate Aquarius. Aquarius is known as the sign of the visionary, and while this is certainly true of James, his love for justice and humanitarian work is strongly correlated to the sign’s affirmed values. The Aquarius is motivated by truth, independent and non-conforming, idealistic, inventive, forward thinking, and emotionally secure. That Aquarian trifecta of intelligence, independence, and forward thinking is a very present element in James’ life.

James Cromwell was born on the east coast in New York City, and his family moved around a lot with his mother’s career as a film producer. They moved from New York to Los Angeles to London, where Cromwell attended an independent school. Aquarius is a sign that values intelligence, and his education in London was an important part of his life that serves as a connection to his sign. Cromwell’s career began in the theater, and he is well known for his roles in many classic films, including his portrayal of Benito Mussolini in “The Godfather Part II” and his Academy Award nominated performance as Farmer Arthur Hoggett in “Babe.”

The idealistic values of Aquarius are seen in James Cromwell’s life through his humanitarian work. He is an animal rights activist, involved in organizations such as Farm Sanctuary. His dedication to animal welfare and his willingness to lend his voice to those causes are in-line with the humanitarian values of Aquarius. He is also a prominent environmental activist, having been arrested on two separate occasions for protesting the construction of a power plant. His independent tendencies and his steadfast refusal to back down from his convictions are defining traits of an Aquarian.

While very few people may fit the stereotype of their sign perfectly, it is in the in-between that people develop their own personalities. James Cromwell’s story is that of a life lived on his own terms, and his strong sense of justice and advocacy were shaped by his Aquarian qualities. He is a role model for viewers far and wide, as he courageously speaks out for humane treatment of animals and Mother Nature, and champions the socially unpopular yet ethically righteous causes. In part, James is able to do this because his independent and intellectual nature is grounded in his horoscope. He has taken this life-long cue from his sign and from his own heart to read on and learn, and to speak out and act.

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