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What Star Sign is James Spader?

James Spader was born on February 7, 1960, which makes him an Aquarius. Those born under this sign are known for their originality, independent spirit, and quirky sense of humour. They are also independent thinkers that prefer to find their own way and be their own person. Aquarians are often artistic with vivid imaginations, so it’s no surprise that James Spader chose to go into acting.

James Spader was born in Boston, MA, and grew up in a suburb outside of the city. He has maintained his New England drawl and is mainly known for his roles in Boston-set films. As an only child, James was very independent from a young age and was the product of a savvy, business oriented father. Being born on February 7, 1960, his mother was always looking for astrological guidance on how to better understand his son. And to this day James maintains that, “Everything has been informed by my astrological chart.”

Growing up, James was always an independent-minded individual who was interested in the arts. He studied improv theatre at the Rhode Island School of Design and then went on to attend the prestigious drama school, the Dalton School in Manhattan. During his time at Dalton, he was kicked out for driving a motorcycle in the middle of the night. He often cites this event as being a major inspiration for him as it allowed him the freedom to carve his own path.

James Spader’s career began with bit parts in films like Pretty in Pink, Less Than Zero, and Sex, Lies, and Videotape. Despite appearing in small roles in major productions, it wasn’t until 1997 when he was cast as the titular character in the movie, ‘Secretary’ that he began to gain serious acclaim. Since then, he has been highly sought after for roles in films and television. He has received praise and awards for roles in Cradle Will Rock, Boston Legal, The Blacklist, and many more.

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Much of James Spader’s success can be attributed to his Aquarian traits. Aquarians are visionaries that have the courage to stand alone and think differently and pursue that which seems strange and daring. Also, with a visionary mind, Aquarians often have an innate appreciation and understanding of the creative arts. We can see these characteristics in James as he often takes on roles that others wouldn’t, because of their daring nature. His success also comes from his independence – treating each work opportunity as something new and unique, which is characteristic of an Aquarian.

It’s clear to see that James Spader’s Aquarian traits have served him well over the course of his career. His independent spirit, creative vision, and quirky personality have allowed him to take risks and stand out in the world of Hollywood. It’s no surprise that James Spader has found great success over the years, and it’s likely that his career is far from over.

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