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What is the Star Sign of Jason Newsted?

Jason Newsted is an American musical icon who was born April 4th, 1963 under the zodiac sign of Aries. Those born under Aries are said to have just as much fearlessness as they do ambition, and this rings true with the multi-instrumentalist musician, composer and songwriter, who’s also no stranger to outspoken energy and freedoms of expression.

Raised in California, the future rocker kept his sights set high and was active musically from a young age. His talent even earned him a scholarship to the DePaul School of music in Chicago. After moving back and forth between the city and his home in the Bay Area, the musical aficionado eventually gained recognition as the frontman of the band Metallica, whom he joined in 1986 before departing in 2001.

His Aries spirit was certainly apparent when the time to join Metallica rolled around. It took only one hearing of their music to get Newsted hooked and flipping out to play on the legendary tracks. He quickly became regarded as the unsung hero of heavy metal and as a powerful force and steadfast foundation to many of the band’s world famous anthems. Add to this his signature bass riffs and the roar of his vocals, and the man was solidified as a veritable legend.

Throughout his music career, Newsted has always done things his way. While still associated with the band, he released his own album in 2004, titled ‘Precious Metal’. Despite the mixed reviews it received, the album contained some of the heaviest riffs written at the time, and revisions of his works can be heard in many of the songs on Metallica’s later albums. After leaving the band, he founded another, the aptly named Echobrain, and assimilated a flurry of new influences to it. Furthermore, he went on to release multiple albums under the solo artist name, including ‘Metal’ and ‘Alien’, aptly showcasing his wide range and variety of talents.

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True to his Aries roots, Jason Newsted has always pulled forward with ambition, determination and a veracious appetite to create. His strong and enterprising notions pushed him to expand his career and pleasures to wider audiences, and his music has made its mark as formidable and meaningful. Newsted’s drive has been an inspiration to many, and his music has been cited as a critical influence on the metal and grungescenes in the USA.

For all fans of the four-stringed instrument, Jason Newsted will remain a symbol of inspiration, know-how and the potency of one’s ambition. Those born under the sign of Aries are known for their assertive nature, pioneering spirit and inevitable passion, and Newsted has embedded these qualities firmly in his music. Whenever asked, he’s always been open about his astrological sign and its influence on his musical journey. Even now, as more doors in his music career seem to be opening, the Aries star makes sure to shine above the rest.

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