What is the Zodiac Sign for John Cleese?

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What is the Zodiac Sign for John Cleese?

John Cleese, born on October 27th, 1939, is an actor, writer, comedian, and producer, and a Sagittarius. By looking at the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, one can gain an insight into Cleese’s life and often unpredictable nature.

Sagittarius is a fire sign, embodying a strong sense of drive, spirit, and ambition. Stereotypically, this means that it’s common for people of this sign to be both wanderlusts and adventurers, never settling for what they already know and relentlessly chasing the next bigger, better thing or challenge. This same trait carried over into John Cleese’s life – literally. He was born in Weston-super-Mare, England but found his initial fame while living in London and later relocated to the United States. His willingness to step outside of his comfort zone and venture new places helped him find his voice and creative ideas.

The sign of Sagittarius also reflects a natural inclination to love learning and knowledge. This makes Cleese a perfect fit for the comedian that he is. His skits, like the ones from Monty Python, prominently feature tongue-in-cheek, satirical humor that often draws upon historical and classical references. This is a testament to Cleese’s thirst for knowledge and understanding the world around him, something he continues to this day. No matter the situation, his quick wit and ability to pick out comedic quips arises from his strong base of knowledge and understanding of human nature. It’s no surprise that Cleese’s comedic classics have been re-examined many times over since they first aired as a testament to the timelessness of Cleese’s wit.

But while Cleese is a true Sagittarian, his life and artistry warps reality in such a way that the real John Cleese and the comedic persona he puts out to the world oftentimes merge together. Cleese’s life is full of interesting turns and twists, like his various marriages and divorces; his willingness to tackle new projects and open himself to new possibilities, such as writing The New York Times bestselling autobiography, So, Anyway…; and his regular guest appearances and public speaking events. It appears to be his optimistic attitude and his curiosity that keeps him going, both of which are qualities of a reliable Sagittarius.

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John Cleese’s life and work embody the spirit of a true Sagittarius. His life is marked with ambition, drive, curiosity, and hard-hitting comedic skits and moments. Perhaps one of the best ways to remember and appreciate John Cleese is by capturing his spirit with his well-known quote: “You don’t have to be the Dalai Lama to tell people that life’s about change.”

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