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What Star Sign is John Galliano?

John Galliano was born on November 28th, and his zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Astrologically speaking, the sign of Sagittarius is symbolized by a centaur, half human, and half horse. This symbolizes the search for wisdom and knowledge posessed by the archetype of a Sagittarius, as they are often seekers of philosophical truths. Consequently, John Galliano is an intellectual who strives for creativity and innovation when it comes to fashion design.

John Galliano was born in Gibraltar, but raised in London, England. He has always found joy and inspiration in fashion, and always sought unique ways of making his designs stand out- finally, achieving success with the explosion of innovative and modern designs from his ‘Generation-X’ collection in 1994. This is highly indicative of a Sagittarius’ values, as they often seek to make unique contributions in the world and strive to think and create ‘outside of the box’. John Galliano is particularly known for his ‘avant-garde’ fashion, often incorporating high-end runway shows with snippets of the unique culture of his upbringing and often with a theatrical flair.

John Galliano went on to becoming a chief designer of fashion houses like Givenchy, Dior, and of course, his own label- becoming an icon in the world of fashion design. Many of his garments have been worn by famous celebrities such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Madonna to name a few, displaying the power of a Sagittarian’s ambition and determination. His success in fashion has been greatly helped by his creative strategies- often incorporating elements of historical costumes into modernwear and by experimenting with different materials, fabrics, and silhouettes. He has had his work featured in many high-end magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle. All of John Galliano’s work being the perfect representation of a Sagittarius- being open-minded and creative, adventurous and having a strong desire to stand out in the world.

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The constellation of Sagittarius has always been associated with indulgence, creativity and ambition and it is rather fitting that John Galliano, born under that banner, has made such a significant mark in the fashion world, his name now synonymous with modern couture and the boundary-pushing realm of avant-garde fashion design.

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