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What Star Sign is John Hurt?

John Hurt, born on January 22nd, 1940, has the zodiac sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is symbolized by the Water Bearer. Those born under this sign typically have a unique, rebellious outlook in life, with a strong commitment to humanitarianism and the betterment of society. They have the innate ability to look at the bigger picture and make creative connections. They also have an easy-going nature and a love for technology and science. They may come off as eccentric, but at their core they are committed to helping others.

John Hurt was born in Shirebrook, a coal-mining village in Derbyshire, England. He was drawn to the stage from an early age, and was scouted by a theatre agent while still in his school choir. He made his television debut in 1962 and from there, his career dirged on in an upward trajectory. His breakthrough came in 1967, when he starred in the movie “A Man for All Seasons” where he snagged the BAFTA award for Best Newcomer. Through the years, Hurt went on to star in a plethora of films, across genres and geographies.

His Aquarius nature made him an adventurous actor who was unafraid of taking the leap into the unknown. He was known to take on radically different roles, unlike any he’d played before. He drew on both his humanistic values as well as his scientific curiosity to gain a 360-degree understanding of the characters he played – delving into every part and every detail of the scripts. His approach was rigorous and the results simply extraordinary.

John Hurt was an Aquarian through and through; he had an adventurous, humanitarian spirit – one that was never held back by fear of the unknown. He allowed his Good Samaritan values to inform his approach to film-making, while his scientific interests let him understand and portray characters in great depth and meaning. At his core, he was a great storyteller, captivating his audiences through his performances and inspiring generations of actors. His commitment to his craft, together with his innovative drive, is what made him one of the most celebrated and iconic actors of his generation.

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