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What Is Josephine Baker’s Zodiac Sign?

Josephine Baker was born Freda Josephine McDonald on June 3rd, 1906 in St. Louis, Missouri, making her a Gemini. Geminis are the twins of the zodiac and same as their symbol, these individuals can often feel torn between various aspects of their lives. They are highly intelligent, curious, and creative, which are all characteristics which are embodied by Josephine Baker.

As a child, Josephine wore her older sister’s clothes to school to avoid attention due to her poverty. However, her intelligence and wit shone through, and she was already thinking of ways to defy conventions when she was quite young. She overcame her humble beginnings by performing as one of the chorus dancers in the St. Louis Chorus. Geminis often have an interest in taking risks, and Josephine exemplified this by accompanying a group of traveling performers to the 1920s entertainment capital: New York.

Despite a difficult start, Josephine managed to find success in as a talented and sought-after dancer, her vibrance and energy capturing an audience. Josephine moved to Europe in 1925, where she gained even more notoriety for her performances of the Charleston, the Black Bottom, and the Shimmy. This was a sea change for the Parisian culture and made her a major buzz-worthy star across the continent.

Her energies also extended to her private life where she advocated for civil rights and adopted 12 children, becoming a mother and mentor to the children from around the world. As she adopted children from different countries, she made sure to also affirm their cultural heritage. For example, one of her children was the first Vietnamese boy to receive a French citizenship.

In her personal journey, Josephine seemed to embody the twin characteristics of the Gemini sign. She was motivated by a strong sense of resilience and determination, but also creative and intellectual independence. She persistently broke boundaries and conventions through her understanding of the world of art, music, culture, and politics. Josephine combined all of these elements in a perfect balance, making her a world star and one of the most iconic figures of her time.

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Throughout her life, Josephine Baker embodied a truly Gemini spirit, never afraid to take risks, adjust to any situation, and leave her mark on the world. She inspired many with her energy and willingness to challenge the status quo, making her a true force of nature fit for a Gemini star.

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