What Is Julius Caesar’s Zodiac Sign?

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What Is Julius Caesar’s Zodiac Sign?

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Julius Caesar was born on July 12th, 100 B.C. and his zodiac sign is Cancer. People born under the zodiac sign of Cancer are said to be nurturing, loving, loyal, and imaginative. Cancerians also have a tendency for being moody and uncertain about themselves, but when given the right amount of encouragement, they can be quite creative and successful.

Julius Caesar grew up in Rome and he was able to take advantage of the rising Roman Republic. He gained tremendous amounts of political and military authority. Caesar showed his ambition early on by becoming a part of the Roman Senate and by entering the military. He inspired people around him with his strong will and determination, soon rising to the highest rank in the military—that of General.

Caesar soon began to embark on a mission to enlarge and further the power of the Roman Republic, leading expeditions and wars against rival nations. He organized wide-scale reforms, unifying the system of taxation, improved public works, and expanded trade and common law. Caesar’s victories and reforms led him to become one of the most celebrated and admired leaders of Rome.

He is best remembered for his achievements in the military, political strategy, and the shaping of the Roman Republic and its influence over the Mediterranean world. He left a lasting impression on many of the major aspects that still reverberate today, with some of the political and military principles and reforms remaining in place even today.

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